Vol. 56 Driftwood Gear

Another entity that drives themselves for what they believe. I met them at HandMade in Japan Fes 2015. Once I entered myself at this enormous market place and tried to figure out if there is any interesting stuff that draws my attention. About an hour after I had been wandering around what this market place can offer, I have found this booth from all those kitschy gifts to fashionable coolers. At first sight, their booth is well organized with their products, leather coin case, hand-carry corner chair, leather belts, screen-printed T-shirts, and handkerchief. Among various booth that each of them is carefully displayed with a projected idea of what they have in their mind. “Driftwood Gear”, Tokyo-based trio believe that their creation towards their motto can lead to the outdoor way of life. Handcrafted unit is attracted to the beauty of flood wood to mainly produce art from those wood, nature-oriented crafts, and leather product that they spent great amount of time to examine the details to elevate its quality.


At their booth. I felt that most of independent creator focuses too much on their own creation so that visual merchandising has less focus to concern about. However, this entity had its own style of using equally-punched-hole-board to display their leather craft and screen-printing method. Displaying their creation method can be one of the effective ways to actually let the customer know how product is made. Their view for the brand was well projected except the fact that it might have been better if they have bigger logos to display their entity in order to stand themselves out among all other creators.

Their T-shirts products. I love the designs as well as the choice of the body. One pointed print with a logo that is written in vintage lettering, logo with their motto and name on it along with mountain. What’s more interesting to me is that their tags are also handcrafted. Thin cotton rectangular-shaped fabric is used to write down its description with a logo that is screen-printed. I really like how they pay great attention to small details other than their product. Also the product comes with small sack made out of same fabric as tag with a their company’s logo. I really like how they care about each one of their product as well as their customer to let them experience they are special to the company. I think that these layers of paying attention to details would give customer much satisfaction to become royal to the brand. 


I happened to share my thought with one of dude from trio face to face as well as over a mail. He mentioned one important note left for me to remind myself of doing this blog. In order to present your creation, not only to display them nicely and well-organized, but also with a little story that enable something to have a deeper meaning to for those who use them or even yourself. Each every pieces of their creation has a story to tell just like ourselves. I let him to realize the importance of having a story and sharing it with his customer. I also believe that telling your own story is worth it and hopefully there will be a result to it.





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