Vol. 57 Kads MIIDA

Swimming in the heat of Tokyo on Saturday evening, really wishing to swim in the water, I could not help but sweating as fuck to soak myself with my own sweat, I was crawling around Shibuya and saw people walking with a frown trying to wipe out their sweat and enter themselves in a store just to get away with heat that bothered them. Without a doubt, I, myself, was one of them that I let myself into a convenience store to just cool myself down. Probably few people are doing same thing as though we have no business but cooling down. Somehow reminded me as a young kid playing soccer with a full of refreshing sweat as well as excitement that overwhelmed my feeling. Typical summer trait of buzz that cicada make, a feeling of summer has already gave me a motive to look forward to welcome autumn that reach out to me.
I brought myself to one retail store called Rude Gallery Tokyo. 10 minutes walk from well-known junction of oversaturated people walking through, Shibuya, climbing up stairs and here’s what I came to check out.

Japanese reggae artist, Kads MIIDA, a painter, a pioneer of live painting in the reggae world, over 20 years of experience that he immerse himself into, he is a lot to tell us with his art. After his initial encounter to reggae music at his late 80’s, he has been fond of its music style and then became his form of art since. His career started as an artist in the late 80’s as well to experiment his skills of painting murals and live painting performance with reggae music. After letting himself to go abroad where reggae music is considered to be born and couple other countries where Rastafarian community exist, with that experience convinced him to keep doing what he loves. He has been creating his art varied from graphic art for CD covers, logos, posters, and collaboration with clothing brand, His work has earned some popularity throughout Japan. Until now, he has been into creating art that influenced by reggae music to hopefully plan to give live painting performance overseas and seek for opportunity to publish a art book of his accumulated more than 20 years of his graphic art.

Flyer of this exhibition, “Tokyo Rollin”


These art pieces are hanged from the wall at the place. Along whole bunch of rock-inspired clothing, these murals are well-matched with its location even though the concepts of the location and his art are different because art can broaden the gap of genre no matter what type of entity that is.


Slick seems-to-be-a-tiger musician just let himself out from the car to get ready for the gig.

Rastafarian tiger swinging like a pro Jazz musician. This piece is referred to a song called “Blow Down Babylon” by King Tubby. I have freaking no idea who he is and even what this song is about but at least I had help from Mr. Google to easily figure that out.

Female tiger trying to roll up the paper. Probably she is about to get high to play some awesome drum.


Train going for sacred place from Babylon where probably indicate where we live. I wish there was a place like xanadu to at least visit to have a look. No where but wonderland that everyone dreams.

The color version of train off to Zion.

I have not been part of reggae culture myself and much knowledge cannot be explained but I am glad to know that dude like him have a great roll in Japanese reggae culture as well as live painting. More than 20 years of his life show his dedication to his love of this music and the aesthetic factor of art itself. I wonder how much he has puts his effort to pursue his dream.





Copyright (C) Kads MIIDA All Rights Reserved.


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