Vol. 59 Short Film 6



The designer, Masakazu Furusawa, seven years of practice and study under a pioneer of hat making, Akio Hirata who has passed away about a year ago, he filmed himself with his skilled-set of hat making to show us the process of how hat with a couture element is born. KAMILAVKA, established in 2014, former name of his atelier, Japanese unisex hat maison gained the sensitivity from his mentor to appreciate the means of hat.
If brim of the hat is too wide, people tend to feel a little step-back when greeting with a traditional Japanese bowing method, trouble carrying around if too big, time-consuming to fix a hair if size don’t match, these factors represent a careful attention to details to making hat as if it needs to be made with a perfect scale.





I got to introduce about them a little while ago because simply I just would like to introduce who they are to the world as well as I love their simplicity-oriented product with a passionate philosophy in mind. Seeking a possibility of Japanese shoe making, many roads to walk down as if you participate in marathon, just like anyone else that they face a long road of possibility as known as the life to change and prosper for the better. Probably we all need to walk down our own life with something that enables us to be down-to-earth.





Cool entity from Kyoto Prefecture, where most of you folks know this place as the location of temples and shrines, history of ancient Japan that rooted long time ago at this area. This place has also something that they would like you to know in terms of craftsmanship, a pride that they hold as to believe that they can broadcast what they do to the world.
Yosano town where more than millennium of years that had spent for the textile industries, “Tango silk crape” is nothing but a accumulation of techniques that has inherited for many years, this place can offer you a mash-ups of innovation that cultivated throughout the history of manufacturing. The series of makers, craftsmen, and artisans are featured in this stories. Wish every films has a subtitle in it…. 




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