Vol. 62 Relaxation at CALM & PUNK GALLERY

It has been a while since my foot are stepping on that area, Aoyama (青山), where this place to be known as a modern, sophisticated, everyone-seems-to-adore area that offer us a lot of luxurious commodities. I thought I was on that area on the way to visit myself where I’m heading to, it turned out that it was not where I think it was. Azabu (麻布) where I was actually heading to, also known as fashionable residential district where there is whole bunch of fancy shops, wealthy people walking with their cute dogs, wearing sunglasses without even realizing that sun is not out there watching down on us.
I used to act like one of them who owns that area, trying to have a great life out of it so that I feel as if I am one of those cool people who seems to be rich enough to reside the place of fanciness. I was not even ready, or I would say I could not be like them. It was not just part of myself being out there and living my daily life as part of big corporate company that full of pretentious people without realizing what their problem is. No offence to those who live out there, I admire the way they embrace their life, yet I was almost zoned out as to why I was even here back in the days. Many creative entities, however, are stewing their mind to express their inner explosion of art by having an exhibition to let the world know who they are. I visited one place called CALM & PUNK GALLERY to check out Tokyo-residence artist, RIMO and NAOKI “SAND” YAMAMOTO.

Tokyo-born graphic designer, RIMO, a member of graphic folks called mocrock, along with his team that has established while he was in college, His work varies advertisement, film and fashion to the worldwide dynamics. And here is NAOKI “SAND” YAMAMOTO, freelance designer, a member of painting collective “81 BASTARDS”, a guy behind an apparel label “Sayhello”, his multi-talented skill let him to explore the possibility of Japanese graphic design as well as his point of views are expressed with pop-centric mind.

Their joint exhibition takes place at the south of Azabu, those two designers in great demands use stark white wall as a another medium to express their creation from the image of digital world created by walls of signals and numbers. Taking place in the heat of summer, however their never-ending-exploration of art is too hot to touch.


At the front, this is one of the typical places where nobody find it easy to figure out where exactly this place is located. I think with that being said, personally place like this should be located in this hidden area because being in a local neighborhood has something to do with community as well as to attract few people that has a mind of opposing to mainstream, which I am intended to be and I am pretty sure there is someone out there who has a same mind as me.

Relaxation 5

These are art pieces that were showcased in the building. Snake-esque creature and pyramind-head human are playing each other on the white wall.

Relaxation 6

Relaxation 7

Relaxation 4

One of those art pieces, dinosaur like creature was depicted with a painstakingly repetitive process. This picture is just a small portion of its art, these brothers of creatures are all over on the white brick wall to welcome viewer with a stoned look on their faces.

Relaxation 3

Other pieces, as a title stated “Relaxation” somehow these arts could let you imagine what it is to relax. I think that we are all using our brain, eyes, and mouth to put ourselves into our own stressing world without realization. In order to get rid of one’s stress, by pulling ourselves out together from stiffed mind and caught-up toes as to help each other, a stress can be released.

Relaxation 2

Relaxation 1

It was pretty much instant to take a look at all of these pieces because these are showcased in one big room so that I felt as if I could immersed into the world of pop art and their relaxing environment that was created by the artists. With a mellow music that was playing along with pieces, I could get to feel a lot more comfortable than being outside in a hot summer day and enjoyed their art with imagination that these art could offer for me. All info are down below so please also check them out.




Copyright (C) CALM & PUNK GALLERYRIMONAOKI “SAND” YAMAMOTO.   All Rights Reserved.


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