Vol. 63 ENDS and MEANS

What defines you to get you have a quality of life? I am pretty sure you folks think about it for a bit with your life. If you are craving to be a rich, then money talks more than itself for the sake of your life. If your life is willing to sacrifice for your significant other, your life is defined by someone that you are closed to. If you think your dedication to your job is worth something to live for, spending your time to participate in your work would be what gives you to have a quality of life.
Our life is measured by almost every matter on this planet. Someone, or something that pulls a trigger to change the way you think of your life. It is definitely a cliché but life is nothing but a bitch I believe. Your perception to life of other people might be giving you a feeling that other side is always flourished with greener grasses with something that you just cannot acquire. By comparing your path of living to other’s have no good deed but a repetitive strain or constant burden. However, knowing that you think about your own life caused by getting to know a life of others as a embracement of cause will be a good principle for everyone to boost your perception toward what it is that you want for your life.
I got to think about mine as well when I found out that this Japanese entity “ENDS and MEANS” has a way of life that the end is not sacrificing the means, knowing about your life and others as well is a means to an end.

The year of Spring/Summer 2011 was the start for their journey to an end. The designer “Taro Uchiyama” who had studied graphic design at London College of Printing, his mash-ups of work wear, military, traditional, and outdoor are expressed with his filtered British taste. His philosophy in making line of clothing is far off from something that the means are justified by the end. In order to reach out to the ends that satisfies customer as well as himself, selection of the means and dedication to the ends are required to an achievement.

Their latest 2015 Autumn/Winter was up recently so please check them out.

Ends and Means 1

Ends and Means 2

Ends and Means 3

Ends and Means 4

Timelesss, neutral, without any category, those are his philosophy for his creation. Collarless jacket, pastel color overcoat, corduroy pants, and glittery silver jacket, each one of his pieces describes blurred line of genres that it is hard to define. I believe that it applies to our life as well because as long as you set your mind to move forward to the end for your own quality of life, the means can sometimes be unjustifiable and one might not be able to understand. Well, just let you know that there is saying “the end justifies the means”. Your decision-making will be the means to the end unless you feel it is necessary to do so.



物事においてのジャンル、カテゴリーの分ける方法やどれがどれに所属するかということは常に人々の話題の中心であると思う。最近、「見た目は肉食なのに考えは草食男子そのものだね。」とカテゴリーの上にカテゴリーを乗せられてしまった経験があった。どうしても枠組みの中に入れて物事を考えてしまう癖が筆者にもあり、良くないと常々感じてしまう。しかし、すでに筆者も含めほぼすべての人が社会の枠組みの中に入り、日々を過ごしているとも思う。Think outside the boxという言葉が英語にはあるが、これこそ我々の生活や人生で常に必要な事ではないかと思う今日この頃であった。

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