Vol. 64 Short Film 7


The Superior Labor

Okayama (岡山), denim aficionados are familiar with this place for the industry of jeans making, also this place is known as the heart of handmade products. This short clip is from brand called “The Superior Labor”. The process of making a bag is nothing but worth just taking a look at it. Spending time and effort to create from raw fabric and leather show us how important not to skimp on doing something that you love and appreciate the process of creating something with hands.

This feeling might not be only me but seeing someone making things or doing something is actually really fascinating especially things that you have no idea how to do. I realized so many times even though just wasting my time on watching someone playing videogames on YouTube.




Boston Club

Over thirty years of being in the game, Boston Club has gradually gained its popularity over the past couple years with a structured strategy such as a collaboration with BEARBRICK and Japanese famous illustrator Yu Nagaba. Adding a modern, contemporary taste to its original design from 1984, innovative, yet stick-to-the-root attitude is depicted with their creation. Proposing Japanese traditional style to the world from Japan has no limit for them.

Not a huge fan of glasses because I do not usually wear them but their collection undo my will to try them on so once I am ready, I would see the world through their product.




You can smile with your wardrobe when you have a rough day, Osaka-born brand weac. represent their clothing to be special for each one of you. Quality and their love for what they do bring others at least a bit of happiness with wholeheartedly.
Materialism do not work and one happiness just as they say money cannot buy happiness, however they strive for providing us a few percent of smile and happiness which would the least amount of what we deserve with our everyday life. The philosophy of “One meeting is my treasure” they shout their heart out to let you know what they are up to.
Pretty famous in Kansai (関西) area and Tokyo is not only their aim to reach out but to the world to provide their quality-oriented clothing. This clip shows how their product is functionally well-constructed with playful music.



Copyright (C) The Superior LaborBoston Clubweac.  All Rights Reserved.


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