With all the fear that I was facing being a society dropout, I finally start to pull myself out of its devastating state yet fun and a mindset of freedom in this month. I would not call myself a NEET (ニート) but somehow part of me accept who I might be as that. Of all the things that I have been thinking about does not really mean anything unless something needs to be made into action so I decided to actually be a part of society again. It has been ok for the most part but I feel like what I am doing is not something that I really want, rather I would work for the sake of earning money for my living expenses. Well it just had started couple weeks ago so no time for bitching anyways.
It has been a lot of residential construction going on around my apartment. Old traditional Japanese house was torn down to build a new residential concrete palace to seek out who lives where. Every time I get out of my house to see the change of how it used to be to how it is now make me realize time is definitely not really looking for to stop. Convincing myself that moving forward is something that not all of us are agreed on, yet each of our paths will be made based on the decision that we make with time. Well, trying to live the fullest might not be my thing to be honest but brand like “VINCENT SHOELACE” I just love to see someone who’s pursuing their dream or idea to make it come true to actually create something interesting.

Next to my home province, Kyoto (京都) where it is known to be one of the most tourist-friendly place that has a lot of interesting thing to offer. Kyoto-born Duo who has a same taste in colleting stuff like sundry goods and vintage, they encounter one of 50’s made American Shoelace at antique shop and this is the beginning for their journey. At the time they found a piece of thread, it was not as long as it should to use for their shoes so they started to research on making ones that they can actually utilize for their own.

They think that shoelace is the core for the impression of shoes like a pre-conceived notion for human. Quality-focused shoelaces are manufactured with a raw material all the way from one tiny yarn to woven thread. They express their shoelace like a hairstyle for their wardrobe. They would like you to switch to their product if your shoes do not shine like they used then these pieces of thread might be the key to your new excitement. 



Herringbone twill type. Retrieved from the movie “Taxi Driver”. Sugiaya-ori (杉綾織) is a Japanese for that kind of twil. For those who likes an americana then you might be familiar with this.

VIncent shoelace 1


Homage to Annie Hall directed by Woody Allen. His 70’s iconic look with this shoelace can bring back your memories huh? I was not even born though.

Vincent Shoelace 2


re-sampling 80’s Pro Keds model which is made is U.S of A. Comedian, named after duo’s favorite person Paul Reubens a.k.a PEE-WEE. 

Vincent Shoelace 3


Shoelace from 80’s Pro Keds inspired. Hi-tech running shoes might be suited for this shoelace but they recommend with work boots as well like Irish Setter from Red Wing. Agreed. 

Vincent Shoelace 4


Their original shoelace digged up an old memory of Kenneth H. Cooper. 

Vincent Shoelace 5

Not only their products are used with shoes or sneakers. They can be utilized with your hoodies, your wardrobe that has a string to pull and adjust. Here is their promotion mini clip so please take a look.  






Copyright (C) Vincent Shoelace All Rights Reserved.


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