Vol. 66 弓 (Yumi), Bow at Diginner Gallery Workshop

Fascinated by the fact that I tend not to take care of my own ass. Maybe there is too much going on in my head that I tend to forget something that is supposed to be done or should be done firsthand. This is almost as if your inner voice is always telling you to look around in order to see what is more interesting to check out. However, finally I am back with my own feet with everything that I lost over these couple months and feel like a fresh start for myself.
There is a series of vacation called Golden (ゴールデン)and Silver (シルバー) week in Japan. These holidays consist of holidays that mashed up in a row to give us a time to escape from our daily chore. Today will be the end of Silver week for us to get ourselves ready for what’s ahead of us in terms of work and our daily life. Aside from my continuous wonder for tendency-in-philosophical-way-of thinking, it has been great for myself to actually go out to check out some artsy entity around Tokyo as well as meeting new people just chat about things. Sadly I lost my cellphone about two weeks ago because of my irresponsible ass, I could not manage to actually take any pictures whatsoever but what I found out about being not with cellphone for a while is that it was actually refreshing and how much we depend on small computer each day. Well, I managed to finally be able to take pictures for what I like so here I go.

Jiyugaoka (自由が丘), naming after a meaning of freedom (自由) in Japanese, This is also a place where it is known as one of the shopping place for Madam who happens to live in close there. One spot that I visited, it was actually located in one aisle that has a bunch of restaurant, “Diginner gallery Workshop” was one of the buildings quietly linger in the shadow of those popular noodle places.

This exhibition “Yumi (弓) by MOZYSKEY” was just ended couple days ago but it was definitely worth visiting for. Here is the concept for this exhibition translated in English. I really am fond of this concept along with the art pieces of his creation.
“Bow and Arrow, the action of shooting an arrow to the target, Target represents the goal to be achieved or reached at. MOZYSKEY, He expresses his sense with visualized bow in the process of shooting an arrow to the target rather than its consequence. In other words, static and dynamic that can be expressed with a concentration of bending an arrow to the process of arrow being launched off. This Latest collection was broadcasted along with a concept of “sharpness” that he previously produced for weapon series. The weapon which symbolize the strife and the brave, it must be an grown-up toys since our generation do not get to know what the war is all about. Bow and Arrow is actually not only used as a weapon, it used as a rituals for Shintoism and as well as various traditional occasion in Japan. This exhibition is not meant for a weapon=competition, it represent various implication as a tool for those who get to see it. Pliability as in bending, it gives you a sense of flexibility as to apply to our daily.

Where it is at. 


Bows that is created with his talented skills. If you take a closer look, you could see how intricate each one of art pieces are actually created. 




This might be a previous theme that I mentioned “Weapon Series”. The sharpness is something that man needs to embrace even though we are not at war. I could take it as to face our daily life as war to be brave and confident. Those daggers are the symbols of the brave and the strife as well I think. 


There are severals objects of his art pieces all over in this building. I really like that drawing all the way down below. 





Tokyo-born artist “MOZYSKEY” has reached at his highest skill set to create stunning art like these above. Metropolitan Graffiti scene in mid 90’s in Japan, he was a second generation leading artist to later be known as a pioneer for his method. His fine calligraphy is depicted in his sequent drawing to prove that his talent would reach out to the world. More details are down below.




Picture’s Copyright (C) Diginner Gallery WorkshopMOZYSKEY All Rights Reserved.

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