October came. I was pretty busy last month not to focus on my web platform here. Along with turning my page to the next chapter yesterday, I feel like I’m getting really old to not do things that I used to do. Still, when it comes to actually sit on my ass to write about something that hopefully giving you some kind of knowledge regarding to Japanese community, I simply feel really happy about it. At least for those who happens to be reading this from all over the world, I know there are bunch of you who look for something interesting about Japan and I am more than happy to let you know my side of what it is to get you excited or at least get you to have an interest about Japan.
It’s been just about two years since I left from the concrete jungle of US of A, I still think back those old days of myself working so hard to keep me going for my job, wishfully thinking that I could stay out there for as long as I can. Not to mentioned that it did not happen for me of course, however I still dream about myself being able to live my life out there in the middle of chaos, yet stimulating environment where each one of people have a passion for something that they believe.
APPLEBUM”, Japanese entity, late 80’s and 90’s New York inspired clothing brand gave me an opportunity to look into my memories when I was there, exploring what is out there with a bit of frightened look as well as glorious upfront attitude.

Tokyo-born street wear brand “APPLEBUM”, high school peer duo Mr. Sakaguchi and Mr. Miyao came up with a name of the brand retrieved from “Bonita Applebum” by ATCQ (A Tribe Called Quest), this year has been their memorial 10th anniversary for their journey. Along with various Hip Hop references that have been out from late 80’s and 90’s, originality and unity are expressed with their products in order to broadcast their favorite culture for those who do not have any clue about Hip Hop culture. The Simplicity of “Awesome” is something that they strive for.


“Bronx Last Supper” Sweat Parka

D.I.T.C (Digging In The Crates) Last Supper. 12oz heavy weight sweat parka.

applebum 3


 “NY#33” Crew Sweat

Collaboration with Japanese artist Tadaomi Shibuya. Patrick Aloysius Ewing motif. 12oz heavy weight sweat parka. 

applebum 5


Logo Drum bag

Hand carry drum bag. Double zip, shoulder strap, Polyester. 

applebum 4


“Escobar” PC Case/Clutch Bag

Microphone-evaluation-method from the magazine. One of the greatest rappers from Big Apple.


applebum 2


Summer Madness Cushion

Cushion made out of madness in Summer with a sunset. Satin 

Applebum 1


I am not  a huge fan of Hip Hop but as I dig into some of those references that they utilize from the legacies of its culture, these are actually really interesting for myself and intrigued by their style and achievement they have earned.
As I am also researching about the brand, my little web-walking led myself to one of the favorite motto from New York “Ever Upward”, adopted in 1778 from the outbreak of Independence War. Just like the Statue of Liberty represents,  cheesy as hell but freedom would be a reward when you learned your lesson through your tears and experience as much as you could. This brand reminded me of things that I learned.




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