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Short break from my OJT training at my current job. My current job seems to be very difficult for me because it requires multi-task to type, talk, and analyze what needs to be done to help people. I am not going to say what type of job this is because of couple reasons, (information-wise, for those who are actually doing this with their pride in it etc..) this is a consequence of myself struggling with what I want to do with my life and get myself away from things that I did not want to do as an excuse. Still, my job is something that worth doing for because I have learned so much already that multi-tasking which I am not good at is necessary to conduct and even I could get to learn a lot of manners, names, and language of Japanese since I was stupid enough to immerse myself into western culture to the point where I did not get to learn about the complexion of Japanese language when I was young such as Keigo (敬語) and various nuances that Japanese holds to explain.
It was sort of ashamed of myself not being able to understand and utilize those manner in Japanese simply because I was born and raised in Japan. But thanks for the superior, essence of using it not to misuse those ways of speaking with your position versus someone’s position is starting to get me to use in a proper way.
During this short break, I got to visit couple places that have a strong fascination for myself. One of them, not only his style of drawing is amazing, but also his concept and his love for his hometown is beyond my respect to him. Meet Masahiro Akutagawa a.k.a “MHAK


Born in Fukushima (福島), now more than five years with its ongoing recovering from devastating Tsunami disaster, raised in one of a historical town called Aizuwakamatsu (会津若松), MHAK has been a great part of the Japanese art world and his artwork was displayed all over the world in the past. His style is influenced from refined design, furniture, interior and spatial art. “Coexist with the space” is his theme of style as painting and has become his irreplaceable unique way of pattern and abstract drawing with a variety of one of a kind complex curved lines . His interior murals exhibition titled “Interdeco 2” took place at Gallery Target in Harajuku (原宿), consisting of art pieces influenced by his preference such as interior design, surfing, skating and snowboarding.


Upstairs. His short clip for this exhibition is on the screen to welcome visitors.



Skateboard deck as well as snowboard. the flow of his art with a curved abstract painting has eased my feeling as if I am in the ocean or something… well, little too cheesy to say huh?



His work has spread with shoe brand “Gravis”, sponsored by them as to collaborating in short PV  



Those black and white ones are little too vague to actually take a look at design-wise but they are one of my favorite so far. I saw this to get me think that floating on the water might be like this if depicted.





Paint cans that has his signature on it. These dripping liquid has turned into great art that can  attract people to appreciate what art offer to them.



Earth-colored curved and abstract drawing.  Autumn has its hands closer to us now. 



I did not know what the hell this object on the right side is for but it looked some sort of a tribal equipment for me. Still, his drawing added a great feeling to it.



These pieces have a Japanese taste to it. Traditional Japanese pattern are depicted with simple colors of black, white and red. When red is added to monochromatic depiction, it enable the look to be more street-esque I think. 



Surf-inspired pieces or I would say he depicted a rolling water with his skill. The scenery of water flowing around in a small segmented area where it almost move as if it would spill out by itself



Handmade-esque ramp with his art on them. And drawing on the right, it looked so real to me compared with actual brush at the middle. even looking at the picture, it looks like it might be popping up like 3D.


Art itself can be hard to define. Some people might say that these paintings are just a abstract drawing coming about of nowhere. What I think it is important is that even though I do not know almost anything about this one individual, yet I could get to know how he puts his mind into art influences many people from all over the world, becomes story teller to broadcast his creativity with his roots along with other media such as YouTube or Instagram. World is so small right now to the point where you could get to know anybody from anywhere so I hope you could get to know him as well to appreciate what he has been doing for his life. He sure is a cool dude.




Copyright (C) MHAK. Gallery Target All Rights Reserved.


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