Vol. 69 MECHANISM OF GIRLS at Gallery Speak For

Curiosity-driven, this is just one part of me describing myself as an individual. I am intrigued by something that I never get to experience, something that I do not even know it exists, something that is interesting enough to make other people feel awkward. However, it is not even too much to say that I have zero talent in making someone have an interest in what I do or who I am. I am just clumsy to even explain who I am which is considered to be an introvert I guess.

I had a conversation with one of my friend talking about the fact that introverted people are prone to be good at explaining about themselves with art instead of actually facing to others to talk about themselves. I think it is definitely true that since I believe that most of artist does not live in the world where everyone else lives so that they might not be able to hold a common sense that we share. Still, I get excited when people like them put so much effort on creating something that they think to express who they are, I try almost so hard to get to understand. Yet I feel like I am more of a logical type of person that it takes a long time to actually interpret their creation.
Last weekend, I got to see one of coolest illustrator at Daikanyama. This is the first time that I actually see her real art pieces and they were amazing. Her main portrait are ladies with a sexy, yet pop depiction with a simple faces. Introducing Yutanpo Shirane a.k.a YUROOM.


Freelance illustrator, born in Saitama prefecture, mainly he works with magazines and webs. He has already held three exhibitions such as “GIRLS BEFORE SUMMER” at Kyoto trans pop Gallery, “BBZ / BIG BLUE ZIN” at TAMBOURIN Gallery, and “GIRLS AFTER BREEZE” at Gallery Le monde.

Dry, humor, ironic, and erotic, those are the essence of his art that brought him to be popular among art lovers and he expresses his art piece pregnant with hidden and rich meanings. Balancing his skill of line-drawing and painting out to create his art with his rich handwriting and unique brush stroke, he has established his own genre with an exposure of medium that he collaborated with. His own unique depiction in between the modern art and subculture are strongly broadcasted with his solo and joint exhibition. His main work here is focused on the depiction of pop and simple, yet there is a little bit of sensual taste to his girls. Following the code of erotic that is described with each of half-naked body, his soldiers also embrace with the coolness and simplicity of woman’s body. These ladies are not going to be objectified by viewers, rather they are the ones who would deeply be able to touch viewer’s mind to stew their imagination.

This is his fourth exhibition with a new pieces and well-appraised archive pieces that has been re-made. He also has a lot of products to offer so please check them out.


Ladies with bikini on them. 

Yuroom 1


Naked girls laying down with their private part hidden. Sexy and pop at the same time.

yuroom 2


Probably she decided to kill her husband after she got divorced or something. she turned into a serial killer with an hatchet. Matte face looks really scary.

yuroom 3


Girl with transparent lacy lingeri e. Those cartoon-looked face give us a look to see if viewer would turn on by them or not. I would not…

yuroom 4


Tagging each other to strike a pose. They all are looking at you with that simple impression on their face and they hold as if they are one of the best models in the world.

Yuroom 5


Striking a weird pose.

Yuroom 6


They might think that their look was photoshopped but at least they look like none fucks given. 

Yuroom 7


Doing various sexy poses.  If photographer would say such things then she could not care less for what she might be exposing. 

Yuroom 8


Instruction for making instant noodle and curry. It would be great and fun if ladies like them make these foods for me with apron and butt exposed.

Yuroom 9

At the heart of most fashion-chic place called Daikanyama (代官山), plain white canvas are filled with these ladies waiting as if they would love to get exposed with their confident body. No doubt that I love woman from the bottom of my heart but I would definitely get scared when I dream about these hotties counting how many sheep do they need to count to make me fall asleep.


Web Shop


慣れない 仕事にも徐々に馴染んで、やっと生活水準がましになってきた気がする。現在の主な収入源は人様に言えるような仕事ではなく、立場もそこらの大学生と変わりなしな筆者です。笑 人の生き方は人それぞれなのだからと言い聞かせても、渋谷近辺にいるお金持ちそうな人や、高級車に乗っているマダムを見るとずーんっと肩に何か乗っているかのように下を向きたくなる。しかし、そんなことは一瞬だけで、10秒もしないうちに次何見ようかな、何しようかなと考えている自分もいる。


Picture’s Copyright (C) YUROOM, Gallery Speak For, All Rights Reserved.


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