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When it rains, the earthy aroma would hit your nose. Probably since I assume there might be no smell of water dropping from the sky, after it hits the ground and interact with dirt, those fresh and great scents of aroma will be released to tease your sense. What is more interesting as I get myself into this type of smells is that it has a name. Petrichor is the name originated from the Greek words “Petra” meaning “stone,” and “ichor,” which refers to the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods. Well, I do not really care about the name of it and I am also pretty sure that a lot of people agree with me that I love that smell.

Been away from rainy season here in japan for a while, it is getting chilly and fall has finally come. Your wardrobe must be switching its side from summer to winter in order to let you dress from various choice to wear. If your wallet tells you not to just purchase something from cheap ordinary clothing store and to start exploring some meticulous products then there are so many things to offer from the land of rising sun. This entity is only just a tip of the iceberg from ever-growing stash of creative collectives in Japan. Please allow myself to announce, “COMMONO reproducts“. 


Bishu (尾州), north west part in Aichi (愛知) prefecture where textile industry has prospered from over countless years ago. “COMMONO reproducts“, almost all of their products are proudly made in there to support locals as well as promote its ever-lasting creation that holds long history and pride.
Both weavings and sewings are made by a small number of craftsmen by hand of small personal workshops in Bishu. This is getting widely well-known recently that since the buzz of “Made in Japan’ phenomena, the other side of its aspect is the lack of craftsmen. Small number of them with an independent small workshop in Bishu, both weaving and sewing process are done by those who acquired complicated skills. Along with the decline of interest in domestic textile industry from younger generations, an issue of passing down the techniques to them has also been one of the main topic caused by the rise of awareness for “Made in Japan”. What they do with a mindset of support, by preserving the techniques that old craftsmen holds from generation to generation, they continue to produce products so that they are allowed to see the future of textile industry from Bishu. They also mentioned that their greatest pleasure is that productions that keeps going would be able to offer mutual feeling of satisfaction for both producer and customer. 

Their latest collection has not been out yet, still 2015AW is out already so I would like to introduce them to let you take a look at their creation.


CR 1


CR 2


CR 3


CR 4


CR 5

As I have mentioned couple times since I started to write this blog, The phenomena of “Made in Japan” is becoming almost social norm these days.  Without even telling you folks that Aichi prefecture has not yet to be discovered from all over the world, there are still many entity that needs to be digged up to feel the shining light of attention from you folks. I simply would like to get the attention for these Japanese creative entity to broadcast how much Japanese are capable of mixing both western and Japanese culture to elevate the quality of clothing. Basically clothing that we wear is simply rooted in western culture. However, our history has developed to create meticulously crafted products with our sense of beauty, attention-to-details, and love for clothing. You might wanna keep your eyes on to this brand as well as other entities that I will introduce to you folks.


ちょっとばたばたしていて、 ブログを全く書けませんでした。。すいません。新しい生きていく仕事にも慣れ、徐々に復活しつあります筆者。惰性とのんびりしたい性格を言い訳にしていました。しっかりします笑。生活の枠組みが秋の訪れとともに固まっていき、来年にはしっかり自分からどんどんと動いていきたいと思います。テーマは”Individualism”。個人にフォーカスを当ててやっていきたいプロジェクトもあるので乞うご期待。


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