College kids, I am pretty sure that they are not really kids anymore but it seems to me that there is a value in them regardless of what school you belong to or what kind of major you pretend to be learning. Currently I am part of web company where college kids are everywhere to participate in our business as a pawn (well, I should not say this but we all are). I used to be just as reckless as they are couple years ago but it gets me to think that these couple years of being half-assed adult taught me nothing but a nostalgia toward what they are now. It is sort of funny to see myself looking back to old days of having fun without realizing what the world look like, I never thought about how I ended up like the way I am now.

Speaking of nostalgia, there are always some fascinations toward the history that we all are made to be who we are. Sense of living in this moment plus future that awaits for us, some might be considered the past to be a little lame by looking back what you have done as a regret or mistake, humans are meant to be this way I believe.

When something triggers your memories of history that is stored in your head deep down, it sparks as if you could experience this moment all over again. That happens especially when some particular smell hits my nose to strike my brain to pull down all the list of experience in my book of brain. Trippy as hell but I really like that moment.

ANIMALIA’, well-depicted enthusiasm for the nostalgia of old west, Tokyo brand has its great depiction of environment where the country music are played, the scenery where the bright sky with tumbleweed rolling around along with the wind of the sand, those images are the source of their creation and their designs to grip your heart of the masculinity. 

Trio created this brand due to parting ways from other great Japanese brand called Crimie, one of the trio, the head designer KAT$UO, he who also a singer of band THE CHERRY COKE$, along with his band, he has been working on graphic design as well as creating art works for various friends of brands and bands.

Luckily, I got to see a sneak peek of their latest collection for a bit without any reservation because I did not know that they were having a closed exhibition only for their friends and buyers. I just found out that they do hold an exhibition but it did not state that it was actually not for someone like me. I have been known them for while even though I did not get to see their actual pieces of products. Well, I was not really feeling cool with myself being alone to actually visit there to get to know more about them since I was not really invited. However, They showed great respect person like me at least to stay for a while to partially take a look at their full collection. Thanks for them, I could give it back to them by writing about them to show you folks my respect toward them.

Their latest collection has not been out on a public yet so I would just like to show you their 2015 AW collection to you folks.


Bear and Deer T. 5.6 oz  Cotton 100%

Animalia 3


Rounder Western Shirts

Animalia 4


Libertine Southern Cross Motif Shirts. Cotton 100%

animalia 1


Hunting Jacket. Cotton 60% Nylon 40%

Animalia 2


Boonie 6-Panel Cap G.E.F.P

Animalia 6


Bleached Beanie. Cotton 100%

Animalia 5


White Heart Rosary.

Animalia 6


One of the interesting fact about them is that they use models from various sorts of field to express their philosophy “To all the people fighting on their frontiers with their own fists”. From comedian to photographer, boxer, BMX rider, and any other people that pursue their passion to become one of a kind. The allied armies of their people has a strong connection that this bond might be a result of what their creation is all about. That is why  I might have felt that I do not really belong out there. My instinct sometimes tell me that for those who have a strong bond over something that no one gets to understand, That is a true connection to appreciate for and something that we all eager to have. 


現在、なんとか色々働きつつ生計を立てているのですがその場所にいる大学生のみんなを見て、すごく昔を懐かしんでいます。筆者もこんな感じでいつも毎日友達と遊んだり、好きな事をして過ごしていた記憶がぼやっとですがある気がします。笑 彼らの中にはすでに働き先も決まり、新たなステップを踏み出そうとしている人もいるかもしれませんが、頑張って頂きたいものです。

昔を懐かしむことも嫌いではない筆者ですが、やはり自身がいたアメリカのことはいつでも頭の片隅に残っています。今回紹介するブランドは古き良きアメリカーナを彼らなりに消化し、デザイン、アート等の影響を感じさせる作りの製品を生み出しているブランド。ルックブックが非常にカッコよく出来ており、世界観が十二分に彼らの嗜好を表現出来ていると思います。強いて言えばサザンクロスのフラッグをモチーフにしたデザインが少し危険な感じもしますが。笑 前々から気にはなってはいたのですが、お店が都内にもあるのでチェックしに行こうと思います。

Copyright (C) ANIMALIA All Rights Reserved.


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