Vol. 73 Short Film 8



A dude behind this accessory brand “Peanuts&Co.” Mr. Yoshiki Suzuki, after his birth in late 70’s, he has been fascinated by the world of photograph. Camera and taking photo have been always his source of inspiration while he comes across with various cultures from all over the world through his journey. Producing catalogs for fashion entities, working on a image project with corporate companies, wide range of projects put him as one of well-known photographer’s list that should keep an eye on.
Philosophy in this brand tells us to appreciate and to respect something that’s been here in this world longer than ourselves. Old vintage comical short clip show us a sneak-peak of his products. Pop and funny, yet highly constructed by hand just to make sure these arts are more than enough to decorate your wardrobe.





Short clip for the brand coming out of place called Satsuma (薩摩), Kagoshima (鹿児島), Firsthand, I might be getting into trouble introducing them without any permission but I will figure that out later. The director behind this brand “RHYTHMOS” Shoichiro Ibushi, no offense even a bit but I believe he is one of the typical crafters that his philosophy toward his work give him a confidence as well as a stubbornness. Those are the actual valuable factor as a smith to appreciate his own work and to show his love for the leather. Early 20th century-born brand has its nature in creating something out of animals that share their life for it as to show its pride and appreciation for them. From Life, Material, and Product, the warmth that each one of them has changes its form as time goes by to tell their own story to us.





In the summer of 2009 this brand “ANONYM CRAFTSMAN DESIGN” was born. Established to pass down their long history of technique, experience, knowledge of underrated craftsman. All these pattern, cutting, and sewing process are their pillar of their existence with an evolution by time passing by. The craftsmanship of craftsman is the essence of their philosophy. This entity also share my vision as well that they would at least express themselves in English so that you folks out there would be able to get in touch with them. I have been feeling this irritating dilemma that just because I was blessed to get to learn enough English to explain myself in English or I have no idea but Japan has its closed-minded phenomena that they are scared to put themselves out there. Well, I am one of them for sure but at least these great entities coming from the land of rising sun can definitely shed the light on the world to share what we can do about it.



Copyright (C) Peanuts&CoRHYTHMOSANONYM CRAFTSMAN DESIGN All Rights Reserved.


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