Vol. 74 LIFERS

I lost track of how many times I have ever thought about wanting to get tattoos. Engraving one of your best quotes to remind you that you will not forget every time when you look at them or feel sorry for your own parents that you might think your body was given by them. Basically I believe that tattoos are stuck of culture-related pieces to show others to express what you have in mind as well as indication of your preference. Without a doubt, it is one of the forms of art at the same time it might not have a good image here in Japan that considered to be something that the group of anti-society individuals have such as Yakuza.

However, intriguing designs of motifs, patterns regardless of western or eastern inspired, someday I would love to get as many tattoos as I can to express myself without even saying anything.

I have been exploring arts themselves since almost half a year ago just to fill up my eagerness to broadcast what Japanese has to offer to the world with various platforms. As I keep doing this maybe-what-the-hell-are-you-doing type of activity, I got to know countless people from all over Japan that have a passion for what they do and collectives of believer that success comes from being consistent. This brand, as well as the owner of it “LIFERS”, unique illustration that drew my attention to, the artist that keeps creating something out of his creativity, I cannot help but to talk about his brand and him.

Started originally late 90’s, Mr. Sakashita A.K.A Scumboy, an illustrator who happened to be creating logos of Rock event and record store, his buddy Mr. Kitagawa has started to printing his designs of his creation into T-shirts, First products that he and his buddy made had all been sold out instantly and this is the moment where they decided to pursue producing what they likes on the clothing. Now he has gained his fame over his creation toward tattoos as well as one of the great tattoo artists here in Japan.

LIFERS” was retrieved from Hip-Hop group called “Lifers Group”. Scumboy has stated that even though the meaning of his brand is thought to be someone who end up in the jail for the rest of their life, he interpreted as “someone who care and have a life each other” someone who does not who we are will be a member of his crew once they get to know about them. Be a part of his crew as you folks wear his merchandise.


“LIVING PROOF” & “HOG MOTEL” is their philosophy with their product.


HOG MOTEL print bag



Denim Cap



HOG MOTEL Long Sleeve T



Tonic Youth T



ALTANA Coach Boa Jacket
Is is intentional that the spelling is wrong…..



To be honest, what I have been doing is nothing but my only intention to just write about those who live in Japan and pursuing their passion. As I keep digging what’s out here in japan in terms of creation that Japanese create, I feel like there should be more light that needs to be shed on. Because of my nature that I would like to just help people that I admire which would be someone that I would like to get to know but can’t because of a little wuss I am, at least I could help them let the world know that they are here. At the same time I could be consistent about what I do just like this “Scumboy” that he must have been nobody like a scum for a long time that he keeps what he believes in.




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