We finally caught up with the end of year. I feel like this is the time for me as a procrastinator that has finally faced to put myself into situation where I must do something for the sake of myself. Been lazy all day long not to do something productive even though my inner self would like to do the opposite. Making excuse to just let my time slip out of my hand to get away with being productive is not something that I wholeheartedly do not want to do.

But this is such a dilemma that I would see myself being lazy ass. For example, just keeping in touch with someone through my buddy Mr. cellphone that keep calling me as if he needs me to stay with him all the time. Or there are so much stuffs in my head that are messy and not organized so that I will just get each of those done when it comes to think of them. Keeping everything in order is such a difficult thing to do honestly.

Aside from my laziness, one of my will still keeps me going to at least look for anything interesting here in Japan particularly someone who is making great stuff with their life. Another clothing brand from their own factory called “BISAVIWA” They call themselves “collectives” as if to describe the layers of quilting or Kimono that is superimposed over and over on the top of another one. I will look into those plus their profile later.

Located in south west part of Tokyo, south part of area called Tama (多摩), Machida (町田) is where their headquarter is located. Newly launched website plus their concept is pretty amazing to describe who we are as Japanese.

“ Bonding our consciousness just like a quilting that weaved or stitched with various fabric all together, adding a layer our own sense together just like a Kimono that lapping each garment over and over.”


The room/space, or they would like to refine them as resonance, the product designed without afterglow just like a Japanese traditional Japanese-style painting, the balance of blank white space and the condensed yet intricate segmented beauty that it shows, apart from cutting corners, their product would be completed based on one’s way of styling as well as to change its form based on one’s perspective and feelings.
They would like to propose these concepts to show their philosophy. By touching their product, each one of us becomes creators of their product and also becomes part of their collectives. The Japanese core part of traditional style and editing skills that has a reputation from all over the world, combining these two factors would be the result of their product and they would like us to check out their creations along with their motto of craft-oriented process.


These are their first-born products that was officially announced it the middle this year 2015 so please check them out.


When they are shooting their look book, they used artificial fog to emphasize on the light of sun as well as the mysterious touch to it.







These are some of their current products that are on their newly-launched website.









Love these long-sleeves that consist of two different toned colors plus chain-esque thread made of chain stitching to prevent from raveling. This is one of the typical vintage details that is seen on various vintage products.




Recently, there are many small, medium apparel company are on the verge of being shut down because of lacking workers as well as not to have enough people to pass down their unique technique to younger generations. On the contrary, Made in Japan products are more on the buzz than ever before so that brand like “BISAVIWA” which is aiming to establish their own factory brand to distribute their skill and existence to the market. However, it would be really long way to go foe them to actually keep up with their work and get the popularity out of their effort.

Still, couple factories in Japan receive a great appreciation from around the globe including luxurious brand such as Gucci, Thom Browne and etc… Probably brand like them has a infinite resource of money to spend and they do not give a fuck about other small company since they are so big in terms of popularity and financially stable to reach at anywhere they want…. Well, not that I hate these mega brand but at least I would like them to be helping out other small company not only in Japan but everywhere in the world.

My personal opinion only matter when you folks check out “BISAVIWA” so do not let your time slip out of your hand to get to know what is out here from the land of rising sun.






Copyright (C) BISAVIWA All Rights Reserved.


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