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It has been almost half a year since my family and I get altogether at one place here in Tokyo. The reason why we could get together last week was that my younger brother, who currently lives outside of Japan to pursue his own dream, just came back from out there to spend some time till the end of year. Since my older sister who had been married with awesome brother-in-law just started to live close to me, we all could meet up at one place somewhere in Tokyo to spend good time each other last week.

We all are really appreciative that we could get to know what it is to be living outside of Japan for a certain amount of time. Our location that we had spent our time is different but we all are blessed to be able to experience in learning different culture as well as to be able to use English as our communication tool to reach out to anyone outside of Japan.

On that day we met, just like one of those old days that we chatted each other without thinking any intentions whatsoever to tell each other about our life of this year that we had. Not only us but also everyone that we tend to talk about what it has been at the end of the year that we would like to wrap it up as the closure of our chapter of life at the end.


Speaking of new chapter, Osaka-born brand “kelen” has released collaboration down jacket with Japanese brand “Nanga” for their 10 years anniversary this season. 10 years would be the long way to go and I will not be sure if something that I do would continue to take that long road. 

kelen”, proposing the style that firmly reflects fast-paced fashion trend here in Japan as well as the establishment of new standard basic style so that their style would eventually be one of those leading fashion trend all over the world. Coming from the land of rising sun and with their concept, they also would like to propose the style of 20th century along with their design, silhouette, visual of their style.


kelen” (外連) represents a method of expression in Japanese traditional/classic theatrical performance that considered to be an irregular output to express something that has never done before. Originally considered themselves as pants-based company, they value traditional technique and attention to details. With those in mind plus understanding the principles of those ideas, they would like to elevate their skills with an irregular output to think outside of box for their creation. Their effort on pushing the envelope to create their original products has never gave them an opportunities to lose what it is to understand the principles of creating something new.


On their blog, Their latest collection has been on the page quite recently plus down jacket that I mentioned above. Please check their collections out for your own wardrobe.



kelen 2



kelen 1



kelen 3  



kelen 5



kelen 4



kelen 7



kelen 6 

I’m honestly not really entitled to mention about this but as I reach out to them bu checking out their blog and website, they mentioned that they would like to reach out to you folks out there from all over the world but their English description is just a result of poor online translation. I feel really sad that brand like them exists with the fact that they could do so much more with the help of attention from all over the world. This is the moment where I think I should do something for entity like them to seek our for the possibility of expanding their business to wordwide.




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