Vol. 77 New Year Resolution

My belated New Year has come. I have been dealing with cold for about almost everyday since this year started and even now I am struggling with some sort of unidentified sickness. I feel like I need to do something so I write now. I did not really have a fresh start by wrapping up my last year because I was simply lazy all the way across from year-end to year beginning. If I could tell myself of what I should do then keep doing this shit pretty much everyday for what I would like to pursue as well as organizing my life with my half-assed intention. Still, hard to fight with my never-ending procrastination that keeps me away from being productive every one moment of my life.


So I decided to write my New Year Resolution to freshen up my behavior to tell myself to get the fuck up to proceed what I would like to do so here they goes. I guess it all starts with your motivational speech.


1, No More Procrastination

I have mentioned so many times that I am such a procrastinator. There is always something in my mind that gets in the way of being productive. And with all those I irrelevant thought just gives me less pay attention to what I should do so here it happen again and again. Probably just because I think it is in my nature that no matter how hard I think and how many times I come up with things that I want to do, I tend to ignore them just because of my inability to stick with them and keep me going. Things that are supposed to be done sooner will end up just leave them be without doing anything or remain as an idea for not making it come true. Little cliché I know but seizing the day would be one of my principles this year so that I would at least spank my own ass to get up to do things without leaving behind. Postponing is not allowed. Do things when you think they are needed to be done. Now or Never.


2, Schedullin’

I am not talking about that scheduling one of my daily activities so that I should act like half-assed emotionless robot or something. I really have a tendency to spend time without doing anything so that I feel relaxed and laid-back like sitting on a couch, typical house dad drinking beer and watching TV, do not like to have dad bud either. So I decided to schedule my activity with my must-do list for the next day to get it done within tomorrow so that at least my part of brain (I think this side would probably be angel to just relax and chill) that tell myself to be lazy would not come into play. Usually setting up a schedule is supposed to be done when things happen so this would be a no–brainer for you folks out there but dumb ass like myself, this is something that I cannot do unless I put some work in it.


3, English Improvement

As I keep writing about whatever the fuck I want to say, all those letters and sentences I made are getting redundant to be honest. Blogging might have been just plies of words mixing up from my mind but I feel like I would like to state something with a good expression and wording. Even though I think I’m pretty good at English itself, this language is way deeper than no one could imagine. Especially when it comes to read an article online regardless of genre or who, every each of articles has great expression that I still can’t even think of. I don’t ever think of becoming one of native writer who use rich context with a smart expressions because basically I will not be. However, At least I can learn from them to describe something with more vacab in my platform as well. It will be a long way to go but hopefully I will become enough to get people interested in my writing.


4, Makin’ choices

I think I know more about myself anybody else even though I get to realize a lot about myself from someone telling me who I am. But this is definitely one of my personality that when there are two choices hanging in front of me then I act like ADD that choices can be hard to make. Indecisive indeed. Not pondering about which one would be the best for me, rather I should let my instinct fuck around to decide I guess.


These are my New Year resolutions that I think they are pretty stupid to come up with to tell someone. However, some point of your life, you surely thought about these random ideas that you might want to change it for the better. I am too scared for the change and I am not willing to take that step still. Life would be such a boring book unless you say and act loud to know who you really are and let others know who they think you are. It does not have to be something that you should do in order to let them know who you are. As long as you’re trying to make your life better for both yourself and others, I think this is a moment of staying true to yourself.

I think I write down without thinking anything but this is how I do it. Hope I will keep these in my mind to spend my precious time this year to do something awesome for others and myself.






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