Just about coupled days ago, one of my friends was being hospitalized for the first time in her life. Her home is far away from here in Tokyo, probably assuming that lost in translation does work on her couple days of her stay at hospital but unlike the movie, there aren’t anyone that can comfort her out in this cage of elderly that her language would be nothing but foreign to them. At least I could pay a visit to see if she is OK even though I was worn out because of my exploration in Tokyo. Hope she gets better soon to be able to experience what bright side of Japan can offer for her.

Aside from my friend being hospitalized for her own good, since I have made my mind to keep up with my New Year Resolution, it has been just about a week or so that I feel really great to be able to follow restriction that I have made for myself. These resolution a.k.a restrictions that strictly control my behavior would give me nothing but a motivation to keep moving forward for now. I should not even call these rules as restrictions, rather these are the steps for becoming better person to pursue my dream with anyone that has a same interest. Without even saying that I would not be able to earn any sort of credibility and achievement unless I do what I say and vive versa. No more procrastinate and keep up with my own shit for as long as I can continue. I think I would disgust myself when I get to have a chance to read this all over again at one point of my life but this is just one of typical legacies or mistakes that anyone would make and I kind of like that feeling when I look back and realized I had a moment of thinking about stuff such as these weird statement.


As I keep exploring what this country of my home would offer to me with this silver metallic personal computer for as long as I can, I have found one brand called “AIR ROOM PRODUCTS”. Before I would go into details, I believe that every each one of entity shows what they are about as well as what they do regardless of how they want others to think about them. This entity, however made me realized that each every one of us have a difficulty in our own life somehow but for as long as you are happy and feel blessed to be surrounded by what you have with your smile, everything would be just as fine as anyone that has or had a good day. I am simply intrigued by this simplicity of their motto and now I feel like I cannot help but to give something back to them.


AIR ROOM PRODUCT” is a basic garment brand based in Tokyo, Japan. Their office is located in spot called Ebisu (恵比寿) where it’s known for sophisticated, yet creative residence full of stylish people. They are initially one project of company names “Punto Design”. They also have a design work of web, product graphic as a business outline even though as far as I have researched, this brand operation is now becoming their main work.


They have currently series of real garments that are proudly made in Japan such as shirt, Parka, Pullover, stole and bag. Tailored with lush and carefully chosen fabrics from all over the world as well as from all over Japan. Their comfort-fit products give you an extra choice of your everyday wardrobe. Mainly their focus is shirts that they are made slightly short-length so that you can casually wear them without tucking in. Their products are pre-washed so that extra-softness is added. Their shirts allow you to make your everyday life full of smiles.


You do not need to dwell on little thing, keep working hard but not too much, embrace your life with your own perspective and spend your day with supple mind, washable at home, no need to wear with biting off more than you can chew, a shirts that can be worn for your everyday life, not for your occasion, good thing will happen to you when you keep having a great smile of yours. “


Their philosophy above gets me to think that I totally forget about what it is to be simple and to spend my life focusing on my work without any bad mood. Generally people are almost forced to make an excuse for their everyday life because of what happens to them. However, I believe that we are born to complain about little thing that we cannot handle. I simply do not want to do that so thanks to them.


Here are their minimalistic daily products so check them out. Unisex-made so all of you folks out there are good to go.


Organic cotton broadcloth shirts
Sporty look with a short-pointed collar and panel front.
Diagonal button hole detail due to create room around your waist.





Oxford B.D. Shirt (selvedge)
Button-down collar
Center Boxed pleated.
Self-binding edge of the fabric woven with red thread.






They have other daily wardrobe. 

Linen and wool mixed socks


 Cashmere Stole


Yak wool mixed pullover


Yak wool mixed Parka



This week, they will be having a small co-exhibition somewhere in Tokyo so I will look into it and post some pics with my other platform from the land of rising sun.





Copyright (C) AIR ROOM PRODUCT All Rights Reserved.


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