Vol. 80 Robes and Confections

Another disaster happened again. I have been signed and working as an outsourcing contract with my company since last October and it got busted already. What happened was all because of internal dispute between entrepreneurs versus conservatives arguing about exploring and moving forward to the possibility of our project so I heard. I would not say that “I got laid off so fuck you” type of feelings. It was just that I felt really sorry for my boss that he had to make a decision to tell me all about this. Regardless of this shit is true or not, so figuratively speaking, they put me back to the gaping abyss of how I survive again. I thought that I have been contributing my time and effort to what this company is trying to achieve but it seemed to me that it simply did not work out. Probably just because they told me to resign a contract based off of their own problem that they do not have a power to hire one person, or it could be one of the typical Japanese shit that they say what they have to say, not what they think. Hopping in and out of company is definitely not a good sign when it comes to work but this time at least I could not help it but to accept an offer really genuinely so that I did not give my boss any sorry-ass feeling more that what he has to feel. Well, Starting over again from the scratch indeed.


Though I felt myself such an unlucky yet stupid, times keeps moving its minute and hour hand so just like I manifested, no more procrastination so I think I will choose to move forward. Aside from my current situation that you do not want to hear, I have encountered new brand called “Robes and Confections” when I first heard their name, I thought it was really sassy without knowing any meaning of it. Going into details later but the philosophy of this brand is one of the traits for Japanese clothing brand. Modernizing historical capital to reinterpret its legacies, reinvent and rank up the quality of its style and look. So here they are.


Established by Akira Tsuchiya, graduated from Fashion College with a degree of apparel design and had been in this fashion world as a modellista for Yohji Yamamoto. After his condensed years of experience, He built his fortress to pursue his brand as a women’s wear. This season 2016 Spring and Summer, his first men’s line is out so I decided that maybe I am the first one to feature his men’s line in English to get you folks know about his brand and what this brand is about.


The name of the brand “Robes and Confections” is stemmed from a term used in Europe when initially pret-a-porter was created. Dating back the time when blue-collar worker a.k.a working class people used this term as to refer to a poor quality of garments. Even though carrying a negative connotation with this term, especially since modernized society of Japan, inconsistently, all of us wear labor clothing as everyday clothes without any recognition of historical capital. Tailoring which this brand insists that creator of clothing might have spent their days to modernize the style and functionality, yet the basis of it remains unchanged. The process of being as a craftsmanship by perfecting its structure, this brand is trying to pass down its technique to apply to the next level of garments.


A Jacket can be so much more than mere work wear


Cutting and dressmaking techniques are applied to their series of creation, adding these highly developed skills to a basic clothing, there is always a possibility to develop unique garments with your everyday wear.


Here is their fresh men’s collection so please see for yourself.


Robes and Confections 1


Robes and Confections 2


Robes and Confections 3


Robes and Confections 4


Robes and Confections 5




To be honest, now I am surrounded by these fears of being spaced out from the society where most of people belong without even thinking about where they need to be. However, at the same time, I do not want to believe in fortune telling but this year will be the worst year of my life according to my friend who is so hooked with mythical foreseeable method. So let myself do what needs to be done to pursue what I want to achieve.







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