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Mid-young-life crisis, I was overhearing one couple on the train talking about their life in the midst of ambiguity. They said that as we live in this hopeless city in Tokyo, your motivation with your dream would be sucked away by working too hard and spending their own precious time just to ease yourself from everyday struggle. I believe that your quality of life would basically be set by how hard you put your effort on your job. But this couple had been nothing but bitching about their work endlessly till I got out to my station. I wonder how many people are satisfied enough to say that their life is great to live in this full of chaotic on inside but quiet on outside of this city Tokyo.


When it comes to think of my life now, I need to keep my hope up to continue doing what I like versus stand with my own foot to live off just like anybody else. I would not say that I am unhappy or unsatisfied. It is just that I need some excitements to feel that I am alive just like old days when I felt like I was exploring in this world in the states. Growing up as Japanese, it is almost as if you are part of repetitive production of society where you are not really allowed to stand out. Do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want type of feeling is only a thing when you are supported by people that loves you financially with real papers and coins, not some affections or concerns that end when done taking care of.


No more complaints are allowed from now. This time, Okayaman emerging clothing brand called “TYG” is something that I would like to talk about. As I mentioned couple times here in this platform, Okayama (岡山) is one of the mecca for denim lover from all over the world. Kojima (児島) denim would be one the most well-known place for manufacturing high-quality denim but around this town, there are many small companies that have their own way of expressing their lifestyle through their products just like “TYG“.

ELD interior products” a.k.a Yield, a main platform that sells original furniture, store design, and order-made interior goods is their mother company and “TYG” is their side project to represent the textile industry of Okayama, off the wall, yet a universal products that utilize carefully selected materials with traditional technique that this prefecture holds for more than one can count. Their own perspective of creativity is expressed with their product without following any sort of fads or buzzes that is propose for our hectic life.

This brand is pretty new and they just participated in one of the biggest trade show in Japan called “Active Creators” within a section of “Tokyo International Gift Show” for emerging entity that creates with a heart of craftsmanship.


Their products are mainly wardrobes of staple for us to wear with our everyday life. Shirts and denim pants are the ones that we need to get out of our bed and start a day I think. Simplicity and Minimalistic are something that we all need as a clothing lover.


M15-001 one pocket shirt white



M15-001 one pocket shirt dark blue



M15-002 work shirt



M15-003 slim denim



M15-004 standard denim



M15-005 tapered denim





I am currently reside myself in place where there are full of excitement about my interest but I’m pretty excited to see how entity from anywhere else have their way to me (well obviously I made my way to get to know about them for the first place anyways.) to at least keep an eye on. I am starting to feel that Tokyo is not the only place where my interest is drawn by, rather I should be more focusing on something outside of it to get it together in one place to show you folks what and who they are just like a trade show.Hopefully they could make their journey to be as interesting as mine haha.





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