Vol. 82 Short Film 9



Succeeded on crowdfunding via “Makuake“, one of the biggest crowdfunding website in Japan, they have collected more than three times fund than what they needed, showing how Japanese fashionistas are into their ethos of clothes named as “Life-Spec Wear”. The clip above is just one of their clothes product that it demonstrate “Shiwa no nai Shiawase” which directly translated as “The happiness without wrinkles” with a rhyming in Japanese. Their concept is to explore the possibility of getting rid of the limitation of choice with weather and environment that surround us. The clothes that rules your everyday lifestyle would be an inconvenient factor for all of us that we would like to avoid. Their products can allow you to free yourself from adapting to clothes to your lifestyle. Spec a.k.a functionality as they call is the key to their product. One of their products that I definitely cop for near future because I simply do not want to use umbrella when it rains.




The birthplace of Japan

Nara, Home Sweet Home, one of the last destination to the root of history in Japan, couple hours from the megalopolis of Tokyo, a city that embrace dignity in its nature, I, myself as a local find it hard to go into the details of complexity that Nara brims with tradition and the beauty of scenery it holds. Places like in the clip are just one of the touristy place or somewhere in the rural area where locals would never have a chance to visit to. Assuming that just as Tokyoite would have a least chance to visit Tokyo tower. You know what I mean. Anyways, I found this clip so amazing that intricacy and sophistication of mavens as well as the technique that has been passed down for generations are partially shown and now I feel like I would like to have a look at the diversity of what my city can offer me. Also I wonder this clip is broadcasted by either government or political entity because honestly it looked so good that now I miss it so bad.





Okinawan company that broadcast fashion product through the name of “Haberu” , an ancient Okinawan language as to describe ‘Butterfly”. Just like a butterfly that hops flowers one another, traditional Okinawan technique and pride of their creation are to connect people not only throughout in Japan but to fly across the ocean. This clip shows one of the Okinawan traditional hand-woven techniques called “Urasoe-Ori”. Usually spinning silkworm cocoons into a thread by machine is the typical method but as you can see that thread is genuinely spun by hand so that the touch of softness and glittery are created. Homespun bow-tie is main product from this entity with an essence craftsmanship that thrives in this Urasoe Area of Okinawa.



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