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Foreigners, (gaikokujin or gaijin in more insulting way) I basically do not like to call those names to someone who is coming from another world to enjoy this complicated city, Tokyo. Regardless of he visits here just for a vacation or she came here for work, more and more of them are seen here in Tokyo just like I was one of them out there in the states. “pechakucha”, this is one of the gather-up places for them to get to know local scene in Tokyo that I had a chance to visit to. I guess this activity is more of a TED-ish gather-up conference, meeting up event that I brought myself at. ”Pechakucha (ぺちゃくちゃ)” essentially means chatting.

Out there at one night, I had this moment or I would call it confusion of cultural integration if you know what I mean. Met up with of one my friends who seems to me that she does have an americanized personality with an uncontrollable urge just to have fun or go-with-the-flow type of character that I usually have hard time to accommodate myself with. She introduced me with her friends that she was not a good friend with and this was the moment I found it hard to believe what had happened. Basically what happened was the mindset of hierarchy that those who earn an English as a second language might experience. Of course I am talking the shit out of myself. The one who has a lead in conversation in certain language as a mother tongue can get to treat others as if they have less capability for communication. I do not know how exactly I should put this feelings but this irritating moment where you are treated as little kids based on your language skill. This would definitely apply for Japanese learner as well so probably this mechanism is a universal process to know for language learners. I totally get this process since I have taught couple people with all I have for both English and Japanese and there was a time where I felt as if I was treating them like that. All I could think of that moment is that “oh English was the universal language so I should put more effort to it” and realized that interacting each other with different language can’t be hard sometimes to start off a conversation.


Not only learning different language to see the world in a way that you could prep yourself with different type of armor, but also I believe that continuity of something that you do for a long term would be one of the valuable weapon as an individual. I wish I could really be able to continue something for a long term so this platform would hopefully be my best thing to keep doing it for.

One company “handson grip” , about sixty years of making hand gloves at location where and island of an island “Shikoku (四国)” called Kagawa (香川) prefecture, the small town near Seto inland sea where the over 90 percent of Japanese hand gloves are manufactured here, they are also proud of themselves with this consistent years of producing their products that 100 percent designed and manufactured in Japan.


“Made with pride” and “From hands to hands”, being proud of their long pursuit production and being practical in order to actually feel the excitement of learning. Tools, equipment, and gear, those are all meant for various purposes for human being to do something with their own will. By utilizing those on case-by-case, aiming to sophisticate its function, the time of its journey starts when used by us. “From crafter to user”, their products are born with Experience through touch of their products made with exceptional materials and smart designs.


Thermal fleece material “Polar-tec Power Stretch” 
Palm features Nanofront fabric for an anti-slip grip.
Touch screen friendly

handson grip 1



WT Traverse Mt
Features Kobe cowhide leather
Five- fingered structure inside Mitten
Water resistant due to its micro pore film

handson grip 2



Easy Breezy
Wind and moisture resistant and breathable combined Duratex with a Kobe leather
Heavily insulated wrist to maintain body warmth

hands on grip 3



WT Traverse GV
Features Kobe cowhide leather
Water resistant due to its micro pore film

hands on grip 4




Recently as my hobby goes into checking out a lot of Japanese company that create something with their years of experience and hard working, some of them are actually going abroad to participate in one of the biggest trade show in the world. I wonder how they introduce their products interacting with buyers from all over the world because showing how much they have put their effort to create their products to them can be a pain in the ass through different language. Do they hire someone who could speak bilingual language? Or they just put themselves out there to see if they would leave a scar of impressions on somebody from somewhere that they do not even assure themselves whether this opportunity could open up their deal or not. I really hope them to keep up with what they do here in Japan as well as to reach out somewhere from all over the world.







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