Vol. 85 Jan and Naomi

Hi everyone. This is a my first post. I have started studying English from last month, so I am also going to start trying to write article entries from now on once in a while. This will also be a good way of learning English.

I’m a salesperson for a certain brand of apparel brand and I work in Tokyo. Every day I help customers select clothes and products. My life is quite slow but I really like my life.

I am also a music lover. I especially like foreign music such as UK or US indie rock. This year is going to be wonderful for music lovers like me because “Fuji Rock Festival“, which is one of the well-known music festivals in Japan, will have its 20th anniversary. Also a lot of awesome artists are going to come to Japan and play at venues other than Fuji Rock Festival. For instance, Daughter is coming in April, The Stone Roses in June, and Sigur Ros in July. I cannot believe they are actually coming here because these are all artists I have thought about going to see at least once in my life. I am planning to go to as many of them as money and circumstances allow myself.

When I was a high school student, I used to exchange CDs or knowledge of new artist with my friends well. Since I started living in Tokyo, I come to get a lot of information of various things. Especially about music, it won’t compare to what I got when I lived in my home town. Basically I love foreign music, however I get to have an interest in Japanese indies rock as I live in Tokyo.

Recently, I went to a concert of a Japanese indies folk duo called “Jan and naomi“.
Jan and Naomi is a two piece band in Tokyo. They are super good looking guys so they have many fans especially ladies. But not only their beauty looks but also their music is more than amazing. They have music senses far from Japanese, stateless atmosphere and their limited edition of 500 pieces fast albums of 7 inch analog records is instantly sold out which is really intrigued for me. Their music empowers me because they make untiring effort for things that they wanna do. They regularly have gigs in Tokyo. If you are interested in the band, you should go check their live out!

Here are some of their clips so please check them out.







初めまして。これは私の最初の投稿になりますが、先月から英語の勉強を始めたばかりで、2歳児レベルの英語でなんとか頑張っております。笑 後々見ると顔から火が出ることと思われますので、今後この記事を見る事はないでしょう。


今年はフジロックが20周年を迎えるそうですね。音楽ファンにとってはとてもわくわくする一年になることと思います。すでにたくさんの素晴らしいアーティストの来日が決まってるようで、フジロックに関してはsigur ros,the internet, squarepusher,red hot chili peppers それ以外だと4月にthe daughter、5月にM83、6月the stone roses、8月Radioheadと大忙しです。プロモーターの方々もさぞかし気合いが入ってるように伺えます。しかし、生きてる間にお目見えできたら幸せだなぁと思っていたアーティストが今年一堂に会するのでこれは大変です。とりあえず今のところは計画するだけでも充分ワクワクさせて頂いておりますが、お金や状況の都合がつけば是非行きたいな~と思っております。



つい先月も某カフェで行われたJan and Naomi という東京発のフォークデュオのライブへ行ってきたところです。かなりの容姿端麗な男性2人組のバンドなので、ライブに行くと女性のファンもかなり多いです。彼らの存在を知ってから2度程ライブで拝見させて頂いてるのですが、とても日本人離れした音楽センスで、無国籍で良い意味でルンペンぽいと言いますか、なんとも自由で美しい感じがとても好きです。今後新たなジャンルを開拓していくバンドじゃないかな~とも思います。なによりひたむきに音楽と向き合う彼らの真摯な姿勢は、同世代としてとても尊敬できるところです。いつか彼らをフジロックでお目見え出来ることを心より願っております。





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