Vol. 86 HATSKI

Onlooker, This is recently a word that I learned. Probably if I were to explain my personality in one word, this is one of the best descriptions that I have ever come up with. Not that I mean I am just one of curious or cynical one, I would just recall myself more of a right or left handed person that I simply do not want to be featured on the top of something or CEO with some sort. Probably I would sometimes considered myself as half-assed, irresponsible loser at certain point of my life or this is one of my Japanese traits that standing out would be something that we all are trying to avoid.

However, from the positive standpoint, due to in an objective fashion, I could see or think something more down-to-earth and when one might pursue something greater than himself, I could be the one who can assist by his side for instance. I like the sound of that. I should correct myself by saying “onlooker” as to help and assist in different approach so that various angle of approach can be made to argue about something I guess. I just simply like not to stick around narrow mind, clinging onto stubbornness of thought that created with one-sided perspective that we call stupidity. I would love to be stupid for something that I love to do but someone such as onlooker would never be able to understand fully about something unless they become less of it to share what it is to be dramatis persona.


As far as I have looked into this brand that I was about to introduce, I remember as an onlooker that those entire Denim buzz was and still is rocking on men’s fashion from few years ago. Not as much as popular compared with back then but I remember couple folks from I know talked a lot about how Japan-made jeans are one of the best one out there for whisker aficionados.


Hatski” from Kansai Area (Osakans for sure because I could tell!!), it means August in Japanese with a little twist of phonetic, derived from the image of indigo blue that has a image of bright blue sky and ocean with nature in the summer time, started their journey just a while ago. Using Kojima denim from Okayama, they would not like to propose how denim is changing its form to fit your body, rather they would suggest their product as a daily wear because they think that denim is meant to be worn as one of our staple clothes for years. Through their mission to deliver their basic, staple garment, their denim style for our everyday life in on their way to our life as well.

 They are newbie in this game so supposedly they are still working on multiple productions to create a series of their collection but currently they are displaying one denim so that I would like to go into details.


HATSKI 5 Pockets original selvage denim.














5 pockets standard denim, 15.6 OZ. One wass. 100% Cotton. Proudly made in Japan. Original button fly, hidden rivets, round belt loop, layered with attention to details yet modern simplicity and stick with roots. Original 15.6 oz thickness selvage denim  is used from Kojima denim, Okayama.
Warp and weft that are interwoven without any room to spare so that the softness and stress-free texture is applied plus cotton-originated natural oil known as cotton wax is enhanced with this product.
Loose tapered silhouette. little high-waisted and loose cut above knee, tapered cut below knee as to show slimmed down a bit. Representing their product for us to wear with your everyday garment, coordinate with either casual or formal style. 


After I woke up in the morning, first thing I would do is to immerse myself into the ocean of information on the internet to check what is going on around the world to stay updated. First thing that caught my eyes this morning is how Japanese fashion industry have been facing its crisis for a while plus entering a Japanese fashion world is not something that youth are admired for anymore compared with 10 years ago. Indeed these are I suppose. THE fashion world is really unique and elegant on the surface 100% but we all know that being in the fashion industry weigh you a lot and harsh on the inside. Earning is not really as appreciated as what I initially expected to have when I was part of it as well. However, not only in Japanese ones but from all over the world, newbies are into this game to make it work somehow. Japanese industry is going to be one of the toughest game to play but hopefully that I, as an onlooker, I really wish they can make it work really good for what they do.





今年の春夏にもデニムが流行るであろうと言われていたり言われていなかったりしますが、筆者が海外にいた頃、メンズのファッションの流れが活発になり始め、そのうちの一つにデニムが大きく捉えられて日本人が作り出すデニムが世界で最もクオリティにフォーカスし、なおかつ”attention to details”という筆者個人的に大好きな言葉が日本の製品に良く使われていた事を記憶しています。そんななか今回は関西勢のニューカマーのデニムブランド。ゆる〜い雰囲気やインスタグラムを通して感じる地元を愛してやまない姿勢や、自分たちの考えや思いを実現しようとしてらっしゃるところが共感出来て執筆。筆者自身が執筆という言葉を使うことに違和感もありますし、徒然と書いている感は隠せません笑。しかし、このブランドは彼らの製品に対する思いやこだわりがしっかりと記されており、活動も世界に向けているところが非常に頼もしいと思います。韓国へ出向いたり、近々だと”thought“と呼ばれる九州で行われる展示会に参加予定などまだまだ目が離せません。関西勢だけではなく日本各地でクリエイティブさを競うかのように、様々な方々が切磋琢磨しているところをお見かけすると、筆者も頑張らないとなぁと思わされる次第です。惰性との戦いは常ですが、頑張ろうと思います。


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