Vol. 87 Conguero Tres Hoofers

I went to IKEBUKURO few days ago. I rarely go to major towns of Tokyo, for example SHIBUYA, SHINJUKU or HARAJUKU. I’d come if someone asks me to but that is about it because I do not like crowded places. But when I went to there on that day, it was so much fun. There are so many people who will start a new life or will change to a different environment at this time every year in Tokyo. So I enjoyed people-watching. And I felt jealous of the people who would start a new life because there have not been a huge change in my life since I live in Tokyo. I do not know that it is good or bad for me. Well, through the changeless daily life, I have noticed that the importance or the fun of persistence. So I think I’m going to take my time doing what I should do. Ah I wanna be more smart. What is good way to go? haha.


I went to a concert at FUROMAE CAFÉ in Nishinippori last year. I was so moved by the performance. So I would like to introduce you to a band called by the name of “Conguero Tres Hoofers” today.


” “CTH” (Conguero Tres Hoofers) is a group that performs with simple instruments and physical movements. It combines the melody of an acoustic guitar with energetic tap dancing with the beat of the percussion. It is a unique combination of music and dancing, the first of its kind in the world. The guitarist, Atumi Yukihiro, has been actively involved in producing music for the commercial of EDWIN and NHK(Japan national TV station) WORLD. The tap dancer, SARO, gained fame by performing in Kitano Takeshi’s film Zatoichi and the commercial of UNIQLO. The percussionist, Nishioka Hidero, has been supporting Magokoro Brothers and Kimaguren.The group simple but attractive live performance was so popular that they unexpectedly showed up on the main stage at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2010, and the GREEN ROOM FESTIVAL 2010, even before their 1st Album was released. “



The band continues to send themselves to the world actively. Their profile on their website is written in Japanese and English as above and they dared to have even Europe tour. According to a story I heard while their concert, they showed each venue owners their performance movies by iPad and they got places for their concert during their world tour. I think the spirit of pioneer is really nice and manly. (All of Men people today should learn from them. haha) Not only their spirit is good but also their music is awesome. The organization of their band is very unique and each members have built great careers as musicians. So I think their music is very technical and it is just like new jazz. Their music video is so cool. Please check the following the YouTube.







Guitarist, Yoshiyuki Atsumi bases his activity mainly in Kyoto. So Second clip was shot at kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. It is a place that symbolizes histories and tradition of Kyoto. This very typical Japanese atmosphere go well with their music and it become more stylish.

When I listen to their music, it seems that they have really good friendship and enjoy themselves music from the bottom of their hearts.




昨年の暮れあたりに西日暮里であった Conguero tres hoofersというとてもおしゃれな名前のバンドを見に行きました。彼らのパフォーマンスを見てとても感動したので、ご紹介したいと思います。
彼らは既に積極的に世界に向けて自分たちの音楽を発信していて、HPのプロフィールも英語と日本語で書かれていますし、ヨーロッパツアーも敢行しています。ライブ中にヨーロッパツアーの時のお話を聞くことが出来ましたが、ライブをする会場を得るために、その国のライブハウスのオーナーにiPadで自分たちのミュージックビデオをを見せて回ったそうです。そのパイオニアのような精神はとても素敵だと思いますし、とてもたくましいと思います。現代の男性が学ぶべき?ですね笑 もちろんスピリットだけでなく音楽もとても素晴らしいです。メンバーの各々がそれぞれのジャンルでのキャリアもあるので、彼らの音楽はとてもテクニカルだし、新しいジャンルのジャズのと言った感じでしょうか。ボーダレスでこれまた自由な感じがとても好きです。


Copyright (C) Conguero tres hoofers All Rights Reserved.
Movie’s Copyright (C) Conguero tres hoofers All Rights Reserved.


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