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Passing the March through. Already quarter of year has passed since the beginning of 2016 and now I really feel like time flies by so fast that I cannot keep up with it. Though I would like to keep up with what the world can offer to me about everything I am fond of, cherry blossom that fully bloomed will only be something that can keep up with time that passes by.

Recently I have been busy just getting away from what needs to be done and started to feel that I get lazy again. Climbing up on the hill of my mood to feel great about being who I am to slipping down to hate about myself that I almost want to escape from reality but there is now way that I would do that because simply I just do not want to get away.


Let us forget with this confusing feeling of myself and stick with positivity. One of my friends has started to write a random post with me since couple times ago and hope that writing in both in English and Japanese would be a practice to be able to improve her English. She will be posting articles in regards to indie music here in Japan so please check it out.

Teaching how to be a part of this blog for her made me realized one thing. Giving someone a hand for doing something always help myself to learn as well. I tend to stick with my mind of so many different things that I get confused quite a lot and even worse to know that grass is always greener on the other side. Admiring what someone does is a thing for anybody else that you get sort of spaced out for what you do comparing something with others. Do not get confused. Stick with what you do and it will be allright.


Random thought scribbling around this time and I kind of like it but again let us just focus on introducing another great entity from Japan. “yourwear” from northern part of Japan called Akita (秋田), where couple friends of mine live out there, knit brand for cold weather especially for winter and autumn, the designer stated that
“This northern part of Japan has a temperature of frosty winter weather for about half a year with a sky of pale gray. Long-lasting moment of being close with cozy stove, watching outside through the window, snowing as it usually is, as you wait for the thawing season and soon to be warm as to bud, it might not be just as bad to be cuddled with softness and warmth of cashmere sweater and hand-knitted product while you wait in the middle of winter.”
Their nametag literally means your wear that wear that one wear can depict his uniqueness, design that has a simplicity and room to spare, spending your winter time with their products might be a game changer for your cozy life in the cold time of the year.



Cashmere Cable Knit Cap (Hand Knitted)  
100% cashmere 

yourwear 6


Cashmere Middle-Gauge Mini Stole
100% Cashmere

yourwear 1



Alpaca Knit Cap (Hand-knitted)
100% Alpaca 

yourwear 2


Alpaca Plain Stole
80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Wool 

yourwear 5



Wool Pom Pom Knit Cap (Hand-knitted)
100% Wool

youewear 3


Wool Mesh Stole
100% Wool

yourwear 4


Fool like me can be tricked really easily on this day of April because I believe that sometimes being stupid is considered to be happier about their life. The smarter you are, the more anxious you get about anything that surrounds you. Yet, being stupid might be the subject to be manipulated. I used to feel that way because I did not think about how everything that comes around would go around. Now I honestly regretted a choice that I made back in almost a year ago. Well, who would not regret the choice that they made in their life? I also believe that everything happens for some reasons to happen so as to give you specific feelings or emotions. Typical whirring of thoughts that stuck in my mind just will not go away haha. The grass is always greener on the other side indeed.








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