Vol. 90 Blonde Redhead

I have a lot of things to do at work and just finished 5 days-in a row work today. I was exhausted and I wanted to do something to get rid of this stress. But I did not have an energy to gather up haha so I decided to watch a movie instead, ’’Hateful 8” after work. I do not like particularly Tarantino’s movie but it was not too bad. A man next to me started eating cheese bread. It smelled like hell. I could not help it. As I thought he finally finished a quite pongy bread, he took another whiffy bread out of his backpack! You guys should not eat strong smell food in movie theater indeed. Since the movie has started, I was into watching it and I totally forgot about the smell soon. I’m not going to write about the story of the movie here because it will be a spoiler for you guys. If I had to say something about that, the movie was so long. It started at 8pm then finished at 11pm. Just 3 hours straight. I was so surprised when I watched the time of my iPhone after the movie was finished. Anyway I got refreshed so much.


By the way, according to a story that I found a news on Twitter, analog record sales have increased in recent years while CD sales have decreased. I was just curious and I checked the analog record sales ranking. This is quite interesting because the top ranking artist was very major. I thought the users of analog records must be very few hardcore music fan. From the ranking I feel that not only heardcore music fan but people who buy analog records as interior of their house, fashion or something like that may increase partly due to the recent trend.

Recently DIY or coffee is already one of the trendy fashion items in Tokyo. So many people go in a body to third wave cafes or do DIY on weekends. The trendy like this always seem strange to me. I also drink coffee everyday but because I just like coffee. I sometimes do DIY because I wanna save money or I just can not find right things.
The news that analog record sales have increased makes me happy. I know we have to add extra value to analog media to survive through the progress of music date distribution in recent years, but I want people who buy analog records as interiors to listen to the music by all means.


Anyways, I would like to write about Blonde redhead, my muse “KAZU MAKINO”. It would be presumptuous of me to write about them here because they are famous and big artist. Blonde Redhead is based in NY. They are 3 piece band, Japanese women, KAZU MAKINO and Italian twin brother Amedeo Pace and Simone Pace. The origin of the name of their band is a DNA’s music title.DNA is no wave band in NY. According to one story, KAZU MAKINO went on a trip to America in her teens and then she settled down in America. I do not know how she met the twins but she lives in foreign country, formed a band with foreigners, and she is active on the front line of music scene until now. I think she is brave and so cool.
The memories of their new album “Barragan” being released for the first time in 4 years in 2014 are still fresh in our mind. I went to their gigs in Japan on July of 2014. Their performance was so masterful. The audience there got steady drawn in their sound. It is a little difficult of me to express their sound by words. It seems like artsy, dreamy and psychedelic sound. But their sound is Aesthetic and it has only one view of the world
As I surf on the Internet, I can found a lot of Japanese people who are active abroad. I proud of them as a fellow Japanese. So I would love to introduce them here from now on though my ability is limited.








Blonde redheadについて書こうと思うのですが、正直なところあまりに大御所すぎて紹介するのにも少し気が引けています。笑 Blonde redheadは京都出身の日本人女性のカズ・マキノとイタリア人の双子の兄弟アメデオとシモーネのを中心に90年代に結成された3ピースバンドでニューヨークを拠点に活動しています。



Copyright (C)Blonde Redhead All Rights Reserved.
Movie’s Copyright (C) Blonde redhead All Rights Reserved.


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