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Couple days ago, I went back home to attend a wedding for one of my friends from high school. Just because I went back home by one of the toughest way, late-night bus, I was feeling a little tired though all of people out there seemed to be celebrating what these two couple had achieved together. I am not really sure how western wedding works when it comes to celebrate but I will be talking about one unique Japanese culture here a bit just to illustrate one of our culture.

Japanese usually hand couple congratulatory gifts of money or money gift envelope as to literally help them to cover up the cost of weddings. Usually reception banquet costs more than 3 hundred thousand yen (300万円). That is why in order to express our celebration and support of the expense of its cost, for those who attend a wedding bring money basically. It might sound a little weird but generally by giving them certain amount of money which is known to be around thirty thousand yen (3万円) with three bills of ten thousand, I on the other hand, did actually give them twenty thousand yen (2万円) with a bills of two five thousand and one ten thousand yen. Any idea why I did this? This is one of the unique Japanese traditional-based principles that by providing them money as a gift that can be divided as half or I would say an even number of money, it considered to be a bad luck for couple because it could give a false impression of breaking up, Basically the paper money that is put in the envelope should be a crispy one and in the form of odd number that cannot be divided so that the people you give it to will never be divided. Any numbers will be divided into half if you think of it anyways haha.


One little education about Japanese culture, not much of a teacher type of dude I am here, let us focus on my fields with you folks talking about another great Japanese creative. “Gaing” an accessory brand from Tokyo had its destination to participate an exhibition called “ghat” a small exhibition for emerging brand, designers at complex of culture located, Shibuya. I did not get to visit them because obviously you’re not entitled to be in there unless you’re a buyer or some sort. It was held at the beginning of April and brands are gathered up to show their creation to new customer.


Established in 2014, one-man operation and all handmade by Shunsuke Chida. Silver, gold, brass, and leather, he is the one that create his pieces from the cradle to the grave.”Gaing” is a coined term of gain as to describe acquirement, achievement, and ing as to explain present progressive form meaning that his product will support and provide people to march on to their life of change. His art pieces are the combination of ephemeral mixture of nature and modernism.


Their latest collection that was at the exhibition hasn’t been up yet but these are part of his current collection so please check them out.


Freely Key Ring

gaing 2


One Star Ring

gaing 1


One Star Oil Lighter

gaing 3


Crackleaf Bracelet

gaing 4


Crackleaf Bangle

gaing 5



Accessories are not really my thingy to wear because I still do have a stereotype that men do not usually wear accessories in general but it is really changing in a way that expressing your true identity might be better off with wearing whatever you feel like you need to wear. I remember one thing that one of my friends told me, “attaching too many accessories or carrying too much information on oneself might be as to project his less confidence in himself. “ I do not really think so. Probably it might be applied to someone but I think this is one of our personal preferences that some people like to wear a lot of accessories to maybe show off or others might stick with simplicity of wearing one minimalistic accessories. I do like simple ones of bracelet or something that represent my own true self. What do you folks think? Let me know in the comments section below and I want to know what you think.


TUMBLR (Official)







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