Vol. 92 Short Film 10


Since Japan has been rocking these caffeinated buzz so called ” third wave coffee” or even “Fourth” is thought to be coming along with these entities here in the heart of Japan. Please take a look at these clips.




Ikejiri Ohashi (池尻大橋), place where it is considered to be one of the hip place in Tokyo, so many creative and talent of individuals lives out here plus definitely rich ones also. Along with the coffee booming in Japan, some of individual coffee aficionados and major coffee retailers teamed up each other to name themselves as the “Town of Coffee Ikejiri Ohashi“. One of these bean heads, ”Jam Stand Coffee”, a coffee stands where uniqueness, skill, and ambition, putting those together to create something that have never seen before by a session of people and jamming like a musicians. This place is part of the warehouse called “Rainbow Soko” (Soko 倉庫 as in warehouse) where there is atelier, small offices of creative, and unique personality exist. Taste in session, Their coffee bring people together to get hyped up to be creative.





First of all, I am not really sure if I am allowed to call them one of OG’s for third wave coffee. Established in 2010 at a complex, mixture of culture, chaotic full of people, Shibuya, philosophy of theirs also hold its beauty of connecting people together through their well-prepared coffee and piece of latte art. The man behind this caffeinated beverage and art of brown and white, Hiroshi Sawada, foremost figure of achieving highest score in history of “Free Pour Latte Art Championship” that was held in Seattle 2008. He and his crew are up for offering the aesthetics of coffee as well as soothing experience of their place. Damn, the sound of “Barista” is way too cool to be named after. I guess I would call myself “free-spirited, non-conformity” then instead. 





The giant of independent, west coast style coffee, and supreme lover Hiroshi Sawada, he actually has his own coffee shop after his name in Chicago. Latte art expert goes into his philosophy of latte and his passion for coffee.  He mentioned in this clip above that “Free pour latte art is actually a proof of a delicious latte. With a white of carefully steamed milk and pitch-brown of good quality espresso, the combination of these two illustrate how well made of a latte it would be. Now i might check out his place and how good it would be to taste his masterpiece even though this encounter was my initial experience that what the hell latte is made from. His style also pinpoint my interest that west coast taste to his world is something that I admire for. 





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