Vol. 93 Have a nice day!

Do you know Japanese OTAKU cultures? Otaku means geeks in Japanese. So if you hate it, I would not recommend that you read this article haha. I can not understand the concept of it basically as well. But Japanese otaku culture is already famous in the world now. It is impossible to get rid of it in order to tell about Japanese culture.

Today’s artist is “have a nice day”. They may be a little late bloomer in anyway, the vocal of this artist, Asami is around 40 but I think they are exactly also one of leaders in Tokyo underground music scene.
They have a lot of fans who especially seem like anime geeks even though their music is not anime song whatsoever. I think their unique style of combination of synthesizer and sampler with the flowing melody may have captured a lot of hearts of the people like geeks. Their sound may have something in common with anime songs. So their gigs is a little eccentric. For example, when the leader of them, Asami, speaks about the story of making their music during their gig, the audience heckle him ‘Shut up, Go next song already godamnit!!’ you might think the audience was too haughty and acrimonious, but this is one of their performances to turn the heat up. They are very close with their fan in fact. So their gig’s temperature is always so much higher than any other band.



The reason why I like them because I think their music is not just party music.
Usually there is one cool guy in any bands at least but there is nothing in this band haha. All members are dowdy. However Asami has a so-cool talent as a track maker. Bass, Shimada’s dram technique is awesome and Key, Sawa’s surreal atmosphere goes really well with the band. I believe that you can not forget their sound after seeing it once. Their attitude as rock band is very challenging. The memories that they succeeded from crowdfunding for holding their new album’s release free party at liquid room in Ebisu is still fresh in my mind. They collected one million yen in two months.



Their career as band has not always been something really smooth. If anything happens, they are always struggling. But I like their honest and clumsy personality so much. There is many band who have not still seen the light of day and has been on the verge of cutting off their retreat or not here in tokyo underground music scene. I think “have a nice day” will become a role model for indies bands like that.




今日ご紹介しますのはhave a nice day!というバンドです。YouTubeでたまたま発見し、サンプラーとシンセサイザーにドラムというスタイルがとても面白いと思いました。アニメソングをやっているわけではないのに、なぜか彼らのファンはアニメにも精通していると思われる方々が多いです。笑  もしかするとなにか通ずるものがあるのかもしれません。曲の合間のMCではファンたちからのヤジが飛んできます。手厳しいな〜と思いながら動画を見ていましたが、これは彼らのとファンとのコミュニケーションの一つで、実際はとても仲の良い様子です。演奏が始まると瞬く間にフロアのモッシュピットとともに熱狂の渦に。私はまだ彼らのライブには行ったことないのですが、ライブに参加した知り合いの方から聞いた話だと、一見とても激しそうに見えますがライブに集まる方々は基本には内向的な方が多いようで、気が大きくなってしまったファンの1人がダイブを試みようとしたところ、その周りにいたファンが一斉に避けていったとか。笑
昨年、クラウドファンディングにて100万円を2ヶ月で集め、blood on the mosh pitのリリースパーティーを開催したことは記憶に新しいことと思います。MVの中ではバンドをやっていく中での浅見さんの苦悩が綴られていて、バンドを続けるか続けないかの瀬戸際でこのようにクラウドファンディングを達成した底力はすごいな〜と思いました。



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Movie’s Copyright (C) Have a nice day! All Rights Reserved.


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