Vol. 94 Criff

Every morning after I let my ass wake up with either bright sunshine or snoozing vibration of cell phone, sitting at my desk reading mostly News in Japan with English and Japanese so that I could get to know all these updates of what the world has to offer, wandering how to become a better writer in both English and Japanese.

Binary blend of these languages that I work on, somehow Japanese should be the one that I feel like I need to work on improving, yet I just simply want to write an article like anyone out there from overseas. Due to practice my skills in wording of both Japanese and English, I get annoyed with reading long article of English complexion that hardly stick in my mind. But sometimes it feels great to be able to finish up an article that I started reading couple days before.

As an English learner or I would call myself a western lover, I believe that most of English articles on this web jungle has its own aesthetic of expressions that I, and other Japanese do not usually get to understand. Basically because of not being brought up with English that rule their language, I really need to spend a lot of time to go into details of just one article. Sometimes these fashions of speaking is so annoying that I just need to look them up to fully understand what they are referring to. I came to realize that one of the reason why Japanese are so into western culture, without a doubt, including myself is that since these language obstacles make something so attracting to the point where I cannot help but to keep looking for it though it would be such a pain in the ass to be friend with online or portable dictionary.


English is basically such a difficult language to master. However, for those who get to learn not only English but language that we have not brought up with might understand that once we have a coup de foudre for something, then obviously we cannot help it unless there is any sort of trouble involved. Assuming that whatever the entities that I have been introducing have this type of moment where you just cannot help to do it and make it work. Here is one of them that follow his path. “CRIFF


Projecting their brand concept with an editing of conventionalized workwear including fabric, silhouette, print, and style. The guy behind this brand “Kohei Saito” thinks that there needs to be a freedom for working uniform. It would be fascinating if those types of clothing could represent one’s preference, culture and lifestyle. He would also like to change the mindset of how people project the image of working clothes including friends, comrades, and even strangers. As he earned the experience of fashion industries, he would like to mold his vision into its unique and creative form as a small brand. 

CRIFF” would like to propose different taste in work wear from his opportunities of encounter of great crafters, workers with their own style and philosophy. Its vision also holds to pass down their attitudes to younger generation by changing the environment with what those people wear.


Here is few pieces of collection that are seen on their website.



Baseball “Dabo” Shirts
Cotton 100%
Original design plus hidden katakana in them.




T.G.I.S Jacket
Outer Material Polyester 65% Cotton 35%
Inner Material, Body Polyester 65% Cotton 35%, Sleeve Polyester 100%
Extra work day for artisans. Sunday is the best!




Fuckin Fresh T’s
Cotton 100%
Construction is fucking fresh!!




Cotton Twill Bomber Jacket
Outer Material Cotton 100%, Inner Material Polyester 100%
Other pieces Cotton 65% Polyester 35 %
Rib Polyester 99% Polyurethane 1%, Batting Polyester 100%
Workwear from working to going out



Wide Tapered Work Pants
Outer Material Cotton 50% Nylon 47% Polyurethane 1%
Inner Material Cotton 65% Nylon 32% Polyurethane 3%
Never-seen-before silhouette of pants





I really like his concept that he is trying to change the way of how worker at construction site are perceived. Working-class, blue-collared, and any other labor –related terms that considered to have a negative images or things to look down upon, though I never get to work just as one of them, I somehow find the true nature of man at work place there that they are one of the great ideal images as a man. All sort of labor has their own pros and cons but something innovative has to be applied in order to generate a breakthrough in one-sided stigma attached each every one of industries. Japanese is one of the best to do this I think hahaha.





海外の視点からみても、working classやblue collarといった言葉があるように、あまりイメージとしてはそこまでよくないのかもしれません、しかし、筆者はこの労働者階級やレイバーといった言葉の意味に活路を見出しているデザイナーの方に感銘を受けました。また、普段でも、駅員さんやユニフォームの着用を義務化している職種でもう少しオシャレにしてもいいのになぁとも思ったり。革新的なアイデアで制服や作業着がより、周りから注目を浴びればいいなと思います。


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