Vol. 95 Sleepy.ab

Last night, I went to “Daughter” Japan tour at liquid room in Ebisu. The gig was first one-man show for them. And there was very cute accident happened during this gig. It was about Elena dissed Igor’s weird T-shirt which he bought it for 5 $ at Wall market during MCing and she could not sing because she was locked in with his T-shirt and could not stop laughing about it. I had an awesome time last night. I love them so much. I hope you guys come again!



I would like to post about an artist who is from north area of Japan. I would call them Sigur Ros of Japan. Today’s artist is “Sleepy.ab“. They are 3 piece band living in SAPPORO. Vocal and Guitar, Tsuyoshi Nariyama, Guitar, Kensuke Yamauchi and Bass, Hideyuki Tanaka, these three dudes formed the band in 1998 after graduated from a certain music school in Sapporo. They participated in MIX2000 Hokkaido in 2000 which is one of the biggest international music event in Japan and various artist, in spite of domestic, foreign, professional or amateur performed there. I heard that whole Sapporo area is full of music during this event. They also participated in HOT LINE which is a contest to scout new music genuinely produced by Shimamura instruments and then they won the highest award. They released their 1st album “face the music” in 2002 and had major debut from pony canyon enterprise which is a famous Japanese record company on 25th of November in 2009. Roughly speaking, their career is like these footsteps.

The band name is written sleepy.ab but the band name interpretation is “sleepy”, ab is not technically pronounced. “ab” means abstract and absolute. It express their sound very well. Their music has crystal sound as snow of their home country and soothing, yet a little introverted lyrics. So their music do not have strong messages but abstract and fuzzy atmosphere. However, their music express absolutely their world of sound as well. I think that this is one of the reason why their music has charmed a lot of music lovers. By the way, I wonder why the music of cold weather countries like UK, Iceland or Hokkaido are essentially so beautiful?? My heart which have become hardened in this city life is always sanctified by their music.






昨日、4AD率いるdaughterの初の単独ライブに行ってきました。ライブ中にエレナがイゴールの惑星の絵?みたいなのが書いてあるTシャツをディスってツボに入ってしまったのか、笑って歌えなくなるとういう可愛いハプニングもありましたが、とっても良いライブでした。Daughterの自然体な雰囲気がとても好きですね。ライブ後はイギリス行きた〜いと終始現実逃避。笑 今はめっきりUKの音楽を聞いています。サマソニのレディオヘッドも見に行かねば!



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