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Sometimes I wonder what is someone’s secret(s) that needs to be hidden. This is also one of the curiosity-driven types of personality I have that I would simply like to get to know something from someone behind their bars. Whatever the reason that one is keeping his secret from anyone else regardless of types, it always has a story to tell. Story that is not willing to be heard or exposed, and sometimes it has been oppressed for a long time that it became the index from each one of Pandora’s box.
I believe that same system might apply to secret when you are being dishonest, you would have to keep telling a lie over and over again in order to cover up an initial lie you put out. I also believe that secret also can create another secret by keeping it from anyone else. Still, there is a difference between those things that considered to be a setback of good life.
Both lie and secret can be negative aspect of living species especially human for no doubt. Secret, however, what differentiate secret from lie is that lie can be piled up based on one dishonesty. Secret, on the other hand, will not be piled up nor put out, Secret is something that is supposed to be hidden deep in pitch-black hole of yours. Keeping your mouth shut and no one will dig it out unless you let someone does it. That is what makes me attracted to it just like a journey of Indiana Jones. I would say I am more interested in the truth that is concealed by secret and lie. No intention of infringement of privacy nor any type of creepy intention but I think lie can be a deceptive act but secret might be a little off from being dishonest because simply you do not want to tell to anyone. 

Done saying a little over the top topic for now. One entity from denim mecca, Okayama again (frankly because there are too many cool shit going on out there!) GODOL” a high quality pants that manufactured with a principle of aesthetic functional beauty that military clothing holds.


All woven and manufactured in Kojima (児島), Okayama prefecture that located in the southeast part of Japan. The name is an abbreviation of “Good Old” plus profound implication of taking these letters of “O” and “D” so that their coined term describes no-need-to-be-the-same with current scene. The Originality. Also their philosophy illustrate military meets the current. Military wear is considered to be one of true, sophisticated, and irresistible goods that everyone has been fond of. It has a functional beauty (beautility) and great meaning in details such as form, designs and color. However, just because of those mind-bending functions, sometimes it has some negative aspect to it. Too rugged and rustic might just be some of them that those factors would not match with our daily life. By crossing over with the current, under the technique that Japan has its best, they would like to propose modern lifestyle with their calculated silhouette and comfortableness of their pants. They present their own pursuit of new next step toward military wear from our materialistic world that we live upon.


Original Schmitt Pants
Color: Shiba, Sumi
Material: whipcord (Cotton 100%)
Japan Made





Fatigue Pants
Color: Shiba, Sumi
Material: Whipcord (Cotton 100%)
Japan Made







I happened to read an article about how Japan made boomed its popularity over the past couple years and probably I mentioned in this blog that the definition of “Made in Japan” is quite tricky sometimes . Because we might think that “Assembled in Japan” might be just as same as one of those truly crafted with all pieces put together from all over Japan. Technically those terms are quite different but these are all mixed up interchangeably so I believe. I do not really care if something is truly made out of materials that come from Japan or not but misusing those terms can be a lie or deception for sure. People lie through their teeth to hide something as a secret. I really wish not to be like that and be open-minded but truthfully, hmmm… I guess it might be impossible for anyone including me to become like that haha.







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