Vol. 97 Broken Little Sister

Recently it’s really nice and little warm, so it has been comfortable to spend my own time with this weather. The season of fresh green has finally come and leaves and woods grow greener and more lively in this season.
Actually, I prefer spring over this season because I feel calm whenever I see green leaves out there and I think the atmosphere of this city is quieter than spring. However, though I said poetic things like that, I’m having a strong appetite/urge to go out and hang out now. 


Today’s artist is “Broken Little Sister” who released “BEATLESS-shoegaze covers of THE BEATLES” as MEEKS on July 10th of 2013. Meeks is a their project to make the cover album. And this project was extolled by RIDE, one of the greatest shoegazer band of 90s. So now they are a shoegaze electronica band of world class who was discovered in Yokohama of Kanagawa, I also live in Kanagawa so I am very honored and they have been playing gigs regardless of whether it is in or out of their country.



Broken Little Sister” is 3 piece band. Vocal and Guitar, Horiuchi who had worked at a famous record shop for long time and Vocal and Guitar, Sakurada who is a women formed the band in 2005. Bass, Katou who has been working as a club DJ since 1990 joined in the band next year.

I have seen a lot of Japanese indie shoegaze band on YouTube or gigs but I have never seen such a high quality Japanese shoegaze band. The Guitar layer is reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Vocal of Sakurada is like James Iha from The Smashing Pumpkins. Their variation of sound is really wide so I never get weary of listen to their music. There is a new discovery from pretty much everything of their songs from their album. Especially memories, violet and demons for sure.

Currently, information about shoegaze music is very small so it is very difficult to express that Guitar noise specific to shoegaze without a some level of knowledge or guitar technique. Just because they are so familiar with this genre of music, they can make these sound so good. It is just music for music lovers. If you love shoegaze bands such as My Bloody Valentine and RIDE, you will be addicted to them definitely.

There are shoegaze music fan like me, on the other hand, shoegaze music is actually very limited in japan. If you have never listen to shoegaze music, please check them out!







最近は天気も良くて、とても過ごしやすい日が続いています。外の木々たちの緑がとても綺麗で、家の近所を散歩しているだけでもとても癒されますね。私は春の感じが少し苦手で、どちらかというと落ち着きのあって過ごしやすい今ぐらいの季節がちょうど良いです。と真面目なことを言いつつも、遊びたい欲がヤバい今です。笑 きっと春は知らず知らずのうちにストレスが溜まってるのかもしれないですね。

今日ご紹介しますのは、Broken Little Sisterという横浜在住の3ピースバンド。2013年にMEEKSプロジェクトとしてリリースした、シューゲイズアレンジの The Beatlesのカバーアルバム、”BEATLESS-shoegaze covers of THE BEATLES”が90年代を代表するシューゲイズバンド、RIDEにも絶賛され、今や国内の活動にとどまることない世界クラスのバンドです。周りの人にはあまり理解はされませんが、私も同じ神奈川県に住んでいるのでとっても誇らしいです。笑

シューゲイズが好きで、いろんな日本のシューゲイズバンドを見たりもしたのですが、ここまで完成度の高いバンドは初めてでした。シューゲイズは日本ではまだまだ知名度が低いですし、他のジャンルに比べると情報量がとても少なくて、いざバンドをやろうってなってもある程度の知識や技術がないとあのシューゲイズ特有のギターノイズを表現したりするのはとても難しいそう。ネット上ではMy Bloody Valentineなどとよく比較もされていますが、彼らの音楽の幅はとても広くて、特にmemories, violet & demonは曲ごとに新しい発見がありずっと聞いていても全然飽きません。まさに音楽好きの為の音楽っといった感じでしょうか。かなり濃厚な1枚だと思います。もしRIDEやマイブラ辺りが好きな方でしたら絶対ハマると思いますので是非聞いてみてくださいね。



Copyright (C) Broken Little Sister All Rights Reserved.
Movie’s Copyright (C) Broken Little Sister All Rights Reserved.


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