Vol. 98 Short Film 11

ART Edition.

Both emerging and OG of Japanese artist……. Love ART for life!!




Kyoto-born illustrator “Chocomoo“. Despite her pop and creative artwork collaborating with Harajuku, Kawaii culture, originally she consider herself as to have a root in Hip Hop, Street and even Japanese traditional aesthetic with her creation. She also considered herself as a temple aficionado that her style is made out of synergy with both western pop art and the beauty of Japanese temples and shrines. Self-taught artist is also inspired by Japanese calligraphy that she used to use Chinese ink to draw pop art when she was a child. Her artwork has been collaborated with various mega brands, photographer, and Artist throughout the world. Pretty cool and pop all the way!!




Kentaro Yoshida

Toyama-born and Manly, Australia based graphic designer/illustrator “Kentaro Yoshida” has his on-going challenge to do what he can pursue at its most out there in different world. Surf-inspired art pieces are now earning recognition in Australia because of his consistent effort on his art as well as his love for creation. He mentioned in another clip that visuals could also be a communication tool to interact people all over the world though English is considered to be the universal language, his and our second language that we all struggle. His struggle that after he went it all through, now he involved as his way with an experience that he had been through along with his inspiration from everything that he embraces.

富山県出身、現在はオーストラリアのマンリーをベースに活動しているアーティストであるKentaro Yoshidaさん。サーフカルチャーにインスピレーションを得た作品はオーストラリアにて多くのアートファンを魅了しているようです。ポップであり、そして少し可愛くもある彼の作品はぜひとも一つは欲しい。。笑。彼が別のクリップでおっしゃっていたのですが、「ヴィジュアルは世界中の人とコミュニケーションする事ができる一つのツールになる。」との事。我々の英語に対する苦手意識を彼なりに真摯に捉え、第二言語である英語をフルに使い、異国で奮闘なさっているのです!!見習おう笑。海外の方がアーティストにとってはインスピレーションが豊富な気もするな〜。




Gifu born-and raised artist “Roamcouch” recently released a clip that illustrates intricate Japanese woman with spray painting. I have been following his art for a while and this is one of the best art pieces that he has ever made I think. With numerous layer of paper on the wall create layers of color putting into one piece of an art, “Nadeshiko” which means the metaphor of epitome of pure, feminine beauty toward Japanese woman. His artwork is greatly depicted with a heart of his ideal Japanese woman with nostalgia and butterfly floating around her. I would never ever see a woman like her these days but I would fall in love if I see lady like her hahaha.



Copyright (C) ChocomooKentaro YoshidaRoamcouch All Rights Reserved.


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