Vol. 100 Individualist “Chptr and Vrs” Introduction

It has been just about a year since I started this platform and things have been really up and down to be honest. Keep messing around with my second language, English for a while in this outlet have taught me a lot about who I am as well as my passion for broadcasting something interesting regarding to Japanese cultures. Starting from today, I would like to keep working on this project, “Individualist Chptr and Vrs” which focus on individual, local Japanese in Japan and Japanese descendants from all over the world to broadcast their philosophy and thoughts on Japan/western culture as well as what they do by interviewing them and see what they would like to say.
Including me, I believe that Japanese are not so open-minded about themselves based on our collective consensus/consciousness mindset that we do not simply like to stand out. Plus our language barrier that Japan, as monoculture-based country, build upon our own perspective and only are receiving various type of information from around the world. Also we tend to be influenced a lot easier from other side of the world that we are not eligible to show ourselves out on this table of diversified world. Simply put, I have always been wanting to get to know how Japanese embrace our own creativity, Japanese who live abroad to pursue what they do, and Japanese descendants that embrace their own creativity with a mixture of how they have been brought up with cultures that surround them.





When it comes to do an interview that I have never done in my life, there are still plenty of things that I have no clue about. I am like “ Is it too much to ask? “Am I being a little half-assed to conduct an interview with you?” or something like that. But I believe that as you keep doing overtimes, you naturally get to understand how things work and become better at it. That is what I am trying to pursue and to see how far I can go by myself doing an interview with great individuals of Japanese and Japanese/Japanese descendants who live abroad. If you happened to swing by at my website and read my will through and come up with any Japanese/Japanese descendants who work their ass off to make their own pursuit, please let me know.




What I am trying to do here is that initially I would try to keep in touch with go-to way through E-mails, Social media, or even Facebook to find someone that draw my attention and directly send them a message to see if they would like to have an interview with me. Hopefully I could get to meet them to have more in-depth interview with each one of them after I have created an article.




Now I feel that more and more people from all over the world start to look into our isolated island of rising sun. As I mentioned in our profile, I have always been big followers of what attracts us: fashion, style, culture, art and people. As Japanese born-and-raised individuals, I have always wanted to be a part of something through which we can introduce ourselves to the world and broadcast …from our complex culture that keep drawing a lot of attention from all over the world.




In my opinion, there are only a few media outlets that really convey what Japan has to offer to the world but it is not enough. I also often wonder if many people think about the fact that we are often on the receiving end of information, and not so much the producing side. I personally would like to provide my preference of what Japan has to offer “The mindset, philosophy and thoughts about creativeness that Japanese/Japanese descendants embrace” sounds a bit cheesy I know but I can’t help it but to discover and to let you know what the possibility of this concept can do to our own country.




I also believe that thinking about “Cool Japan”, an idea that has been widely broadcasted over the past ten years, my image is quite different to the information available. Since that is the case, I thought, “Why not publish my own perceptions independently?” with a language of our own and the English, the best and worst language that Japanese think of due to the lack of capability in speaking as well as our desire to master it.




It would be so interesting to even see myself of what they have to say from my questions. Recently I have worked with only few people for their interview and this is so much fun to do because I totally respect and admire what they do as well as their thoughts on my questions are just nothing but inspirational.




Anyways, I will randomly post from now on about an interview so stay tuned.






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