Vol. 101 Individualist “Chptr 1 and Vrs 1”

First off. Akira Hirano, Individual leather crafter from Saitama gave me this such a nice opportunity to be willingly to conduct an interview for my platform. He now could share with us some of his art as well as his philosophy, inspiration on his creation. I would love to have my own made-to-order product from him but as I mentioned overtimes, my wallet does not really let me have his creation so instead, I would be more than happy to share his creation to you folks to check him out and hopefully some of you guys are up for his pieces to purchase for me haha.




Islander’s Orb 以下 IO) あなたは誰ですか?ご自身の解釈でお答えください。
IO) Who are you? Please answer how you interpret this question!


平野晃さん 以下平野さん) 革職人、平野晃。
Hirano-san) Leather crafter, Akira Hirano.


IO) 革職人ではない時はどんな方でしょうか?
Aside from being Leather crafter, who are you really?


平野さん) 僕の周りからはよくバカだよね〜と言われます笑 。ものづくりしていない時は、ふらっとバイクを走らせたり散歩したり。目的もなく本屋さんに行って、訪れた時に惹かれる本を楽しんだりしていますね 。

Sometimes some of my friends call me dummy in a good way haha. When I am off, I guess I often let my motorcycle rev up and drive around, take a walk and bring myself to bookstore without any intention of finding specific books, and I would enjoy interesting books that I encountered when I visit there.


IO) ご自身の簡単な紹介をお願いします。
Introduction of your entity.


平野さん) お客様ひとりひとりに合わせて、製作させて頂いている革ブランドですね。
Made to order leather goods for each one of individual customer.


HA 6


IO) 革職人になるきっかけや、姿勢、指針など?
Why did you decide to start your own entity, any motto or philosophy?


平野さん) 幼い頃からものづくりが好きで、たまたま目にした革で自分用にブックカバーを作った事がきっかけですね。
指針としては自分にオーダーをして下さったお客様に良いものを作り、喜んで頂く事です。また、お客様から選ばれるブランド作りという事も念頭に置いて作っています。 持論ですが手間をかければ必ずしも良いものが出来上がるとは思いません。ですが良いものは手間を惜しまず作られていると思います。細部にいたるまで考えられているものは同じように見えるものでも使い心地や耐久性などに大きな差を生むような気がしていています。手間をかけてもそれを感じさせないところに職人の「美」があるように感じます。そんな職人仕事が目標であり手間を惜しまないことが良いものをお客様に届ける為に大切なことだと思っています。

I have always been fascinated by creating something since little kid and it all started when I happened to see leather in sight somewhere and made leather book cover by it for myself.

My motto is to bring happiness for those who ordered goods from me and to be able to become a part of selection for individual’s choice for their lifestyle. For my personal opinion, I think that by investing a good deal of time does not always end up with great quality. But at least quality is definitely made out of times that you spent. Also there seems to be a huge difference in use of comfortableness and durability for goods that attention to details is paid even though they might look just as any other goods. Plus I feel that the aesthetic of beauty would be found in the mind of artisans when they create something effortlessly though good deal of time is spent. I would be willing to aim that work ethic and in order to deliver quality goods for my customer, I believe that not cutting out the need of time and effort is worth sticking for.


HA 2


IO) 影響を受けたものは何でしょうか?
Any influential figure, or something inspirational for your own creation?


平野さん) 建築 (特に構造)  と西岡 常一さん( 奈良県出身、宮大工 棟梁 )。そして、これまで出会ってきた方々。

Architecture in general (specifically structure-wise)
Mr. Tsunekazu Nishioka a.k.a the last temple carpenter (Miya-Daiku, Master) from Nara.
People that I have met through my life.


HA 1


IO) これらの存在、人々から何を得たのでしょうか?
Your thoughts on these entities?


平野さん) 建築からは多くを学ばせて頂いています。ものづくりにおいての、製作時に建築構造を考察する事によって得られるヒントや、高級住宅街に佇む建造物を見ると実に様々でワクワクしてしまい、創作意欲が掻き立てられます。他にも建築による影響か定かではありませんが、紙で模型を作ってご提案することがあります。
西岡 常一さんは、たまたま手にした本で知りました。西岡さんからは職人としての姿勢を学ばせて貰っています。(自分には師匠がいないので、自分にとっての心の師です。)

So many stuffs to learn from Architecture in general. Taking the ideas/clues and get inspired from it as a structure-wise when it comes to create and also checking out some diversified, now-gentrified residential area or I would say high class residential district where modern technologies of architecture are applied. It enable myself to light a creative fire in me. Also I am not really sure of myself if I am influenced by architecture that during the process of made-to-order, I often propose customer a design with folded paper model so that they can easily imagine what my creation will be for them.

I randomly picked up his book and learned his principle as a craftsman. For me I do not have anyone as a teacher-disciple relationship so that he is my mentor in my mind.

From all the people that I have met throughout my journey of life, I have learned and gained so much stuff that words cannot even describe. I truly appreciate what they have done for me.


IO) ご自身の作品を購入して頂いた方へ、どのようになって欲しいか教えて下さい!
Your wish for those who appreciate your work/creation/art.


平野さん) オーダーメイドによって得られるものを堪能してもらえたら嬉しいですね。
I would be appreciated if people that purchased my work will enjoy something that they can earn from made-to-order.


To be continued on next Verse of Individualist

Akira Hirano


Copyright of Pictures (C) Akira Hirano All Rights Reserved.


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