Vol. 105 Individualist “Chptr 2 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Tommy “Charincoffee” on Chptr 2 and Vrs 1.

He will talk about the images of Japanese as well as what the permaculture would be for his life. Plus You folks could spot him out here every sunday serving great coffee and chat, sometimes it would be saturday so as he said.

I believe that a lot of us should pay more attention to who we really are because we are one of the nation not to be proud of our own country and our culture. Or I could say there seems to be that we do not basically know much about ourselves when it comes to represent us to people around the world.  Our complex culture is now on the table of attention from anywhere around the world. I also believe that it is really up to us to be able to change the way we are in a good way with what we have brought up with and what we really face in the future. 





Tommy 2 


IO) 日本はどんな場所か?

トミーさん) 自分の生まれ故郷。そしてこれからも生き続ける場所。愛すべき人々と一緒に頑張っていく場所。自分の実力を発揮できる場所。言葉が一番通じる場所。

IO) What does Japan/being Japanese or Japanese descendants mean to you? How do you think it has impacted your life and your success?

Tommy-san) The place where I was born and bred, continue to live upon, spend my time with my loved ones, display my talent in what I do, and the lace where the least language barrier applies.


IO) 日本の良いところと悪いところ。



IO) What do you think are the positive and negative points about being Japanese, Japanese descendants, and Japanese culture?

Island-nation mentality or I would say DNA of insularism.
Susceptible to western culture and things from the west.
Complication of language and foreign language aversion or simply we are not good at foreign language.
Peace at ease.
Delicacy on someone’s feelings.
Able to read the situation and follow someone’s discipline.
Many world class fields of activity etc..

Take these however you want either good or bad. I am pretty sure that these are definitely two faces of the same coin. These are really up to how you perceived. However, there is plenty of potentials for growth in a good way for sure.


IO) 表裏一体と仰っていますが、 上記の内容のうち一つ具体例を頂けますか?

トミーさん) うーん。感覚的な事なので表現が結構難しいのですが、島国DNAが日本人には潜在的にあると僕は思っていて、海外と陸地で繋がっていないが故の「外国はどうなのだろう?自分たちはどうなのだろう?」といった事を常に意識をしていると思います。また、日本人の気質として無意識に謙虚であるが故の必要以上の異文化に対してのリスペクト、必要以上のたいした事ないものに対するもてはやし、自国の素晴らしいものを見過ごしといった部分はあると思います。しかし、良いものは躊躇なく吸収しより良く昇華させるといった能力を持つ側面もあると思います。


IO) You mentioned “two faces of the same coin” Would you care to elaborate one example?

Tommy-san) Hmmm… Basically this is a touchy-feely subject I guess and it is really hard to put into words. As a Japanese. I do think that Japanese has a DNA of insularism at least subconsciously plus physically Japan is not connected with outside of the world so that let us say we constantly have in mind of these thoughts such as “What is western seems like?” or “How are we perceived from other side of the world”. As some of Japanese characteristic that they tend to be too humble that sometimes it might be a bit cynical, too much respect toward distinct culture that might be over-appreciated, something that is not a big deal tend to be too overrated etc.. especially something great coming out of our own country often to be missed or left. However, there also is an aspect that we have an ability of absorbing anything great to level up what it initially was with no pause or hesitation.

It is surely good to have a heart to care for others and tune to one’s feelings. Then again, we hesitate to engage in an honest debate by dropping our own pretense and tackling each other head-on with our opinion. Value in anything would be created by openly discussing on disagreement each other I believe. I always have that in my mind.



Tommy 3



IO) 西洋や日本の文化に対する憧れは感じていますか?

トミーさん) 西洋の文化に憧れと言いますか、尊敬の念は抱いています。根本的にどちらの文化にも憧れは持っていません。各々の文化にそれぞれの違いや学ぶべき箇所があり、また取り入れる必要のない箇所もあると思います。多様性は素晴らしい事です。違いを楽しみつつ、リスペクトしているといった感じですね。

IO) As a Japanese/Japanese descendants, how has Western culture influenced you and your creativity? How do you feel about Western culture, do you think it has had an impact on your work?

Tommy-san) Rather it is a respect, not really a heartthrob. No adoration for any culture in general. Each culture has its aesthetic difference and there is always a room of difference to share with others. Hands up for DIVERSITY, I guess I could say I enjoy the differences with my own respect for it.


IO) 人生とは一言で何でしょうか?


IO) How would you define life in one sentence?

Tommy-san) Love, Love is all we need.


Tommy 7


IO) 同業者と差別化を図る方法、秘策など。

トミーさん) 初心を忘れず、学びつつ実践し続ける事。直感、感覚的なものを大切にする事。業界というものを意識しない事。でしょうか。そうありたいと考えています。

IO) Do you have any tips for differentiating yourself from competitors?

Tommy-san) As green as grass, back-to-basics, continue to practice and learn by trial and error. Follow your instinct and appreciate for what your heart tell you. Not to care too much for a coffee game here in Japan especially the industries of coffee. I guess I am trying to be like these above.  

IO) 注目している人、ものはありますか?

トミーさん) パーマカルチャー、アーバンパーマカルチャーに注目しています。注目している人は、生まれたばかりの息子ですね。

Tommy-san) What is a current hobby or interest of yours?

Permaculture, Urban Permaculture, and my new-born son without a slightest doubt!


IO) トミーさんにとってのご自身のパーマカルチャー、アーバンパーマカルチャーの定義を教えて下さい。

トミーさん) 自身ではパーマカルチャーとは、「自然の仕組みを意図的に作り、そこからの恵みを得る環境デザイン」であり、それを更に都市部に落とし込む事がアーバンパーマカルチャーだと思います。現在人間の都市部での暮らしは実際とても不自然な事だと考えていて、自然な事を取り込む事によってバランスを取り戻し、保つ事によって新しい価値観を得る事が出来るのではないかと考えています。

IO) What is the definition of permaculture and urban permaculture for you?

Tommy-san) Permaculture is a designed environment of how nature works in order to acquire natural blessing out of it and by applying it to urban area would be defined as Urban Permaculture. I believe that by applying natural order of mankind into urban area in order to restore balance of natural and unnatural factor will give us new perspective with our lifestyle because what we do in urban area is considered to be very unnatural things to do.


IO) 筆者に一言。

トミーさん) こんな機会を与えてくれてありがとう!

IO) Is there anything you would like to ask me?

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!



Thanks a bunch for this interview! You folks can see him now every weekends at this beautiful store called the Hanger at place called Nakameguro, Tokyo. Please check him out.



Tommy 5

The Hanger 


Hiroshi Tomita a.k.a Tommy


Copyright of Pictures (C) Hiroshi Tomita All Rights Reserved.


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