Vol. 103 Kikagaku Moyo 幾何学模様

I went to Kansai area to attend a wedding of my university friend’s since we met together for a long time ago. The wedding was very fun as I have never seen before. I felt that people from Kansai area are affable to me and people in Tokyo are a little serious compared to them. I went to another my friend’s wedding party the following day, too. Recently many friends around me is getting married simultaneously. It is called “ウェディングラッシュ (Wedding Rush) ” in Japanese.

Everyone looked like so happy and I though I wanna be like them. After I enjoyed myself participated in these wedding ceremonies, I could not keep my eyes off from an advertisement of a company that displays in a train that shows matching website of man and women on the way back home. I came to notice myself staring at this advertisement for a while, swung my face to the side and noticed…. Well, I saw one late-twenties Japanese girl like me looked like she has some sort of mixed feeling by staring at this advertisement as well LOL.  Anyways, I hope I can enjoy every day.

Today’s artist is “Kikagaku Moyo (幾何学模様) ” who was formed in Tokyo ,2012. “Kikagaku Moyo” means a geometric design in Japanese. The members are Guitar & Vocal, Tomoyuki Katsurada. Guitar, Daoud Popal. Sitar, Ryu Kurosawa. Bass, Kotsuguy. and Drums & Vocal, Go Kurosawa.
Their music is indeed a Japanese psychedelic version of The Stone Roses. Their music has fresh rock groove feeling like The Stone Roses, a typical psychedelic rock with floating feelings and express impalpable Japanese-like preferences. The sound of sitar creates nostalgic and comfortable sound like 1960’s psychedelic rock. Electronic music is gradually gaining some popularity nowadays along with some DJ’s. I think it is pretty cool. However, the band with an instrument is even cooler for me personally.

They already earned great popularity overseas and released three records from record companies of US, UK, and Germany. So they are going on a Europe tour now. I heard that they are the closest Japanese artist to Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary performing arts which I wanna go to it even only once in my lifetime.
Recently we are able to send our music freely to all over the world. Thanks to the innovation of an Internet, it allow bands from Japan to gain popularity from overseas listeners, it also enable them to broaden their music outside of Japan before they gain popularity in their home country. It happens quite often that things can be taken for granted as a Japanese might be so cool for foreigners. Although there is a rumor that it gets more decreased and narrower about recent years of Japanese music business, I hope that musicians whom I love will keep to hang in there.







ギター&ボーカルのトモユキ・カツラダ、ギターのダウド・ポパル、シタールのリュウ・クロサワ、ベースのガイ コツ、ドラム&ボーカルのゴウ・クロサワの5人編成のバンドです。

和製サイケデリックTHE STONE ROSESとでも言いましょうか、ローゼズ(来日公演が中止になって悲しいですね。。)の様な爽やかなロックのグルーヴ感がありながら、サイケデリック特有の浮遊感もしっかり残っていて、日本人ならではのきめ細かいこだわりが音楽の随所に感じられます。シタールの音色が、1960年代後半のサイケデリック・ロック時代の音楽を思い出す様な懐古的な心地よさを生み出していて、近頃増えている打ち込みのような音楽もめちゃくちゃカッコ良いのですが、やっぱりバンドってカッコ良いと思いました。




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