Vol. 106 IN HA

Hi. Did you already listen to new songs of THE STONE ROSES, Radiohead and James Blake? I already listened to them. THE STONE ROSES announce the date of releasing a new songs and the date was really early morning in Japan time so I thought many fan of them stay put all night to listen to a their new song promptly. THE STONE ROSES’s new song is really awesome, although it is after an interval of 20 years. I expected a their new album and I again felt their dignity as artists then. And new album releases of Radiohead and James Blake is as happy as new year and birthday for me and I again recognized splendor of music when I listened to their really beautiful new songs. I will absolutely love their new album’s records or CDs which may be going to be released on next month.

By the way, I was down with a summer cold for about two days because my work of this month was so tough and I went to the suburb to attend wedding parties of my friends and returned in one day. Moreover, I went to gig of artists whom I really wanted to check out although I was tired and I was highly pleased to new song’s releases of my favorite artists. My heart was really busy. It seems that I can spend my time calm on next month so I want to take a time to study English and go to gig without in a hurry.

This time, I will introduce an event, not any sort of indie artists. I can not stop introducing this event for listeners who want to know new artists without any misleading info like me. “IN HA” is a electronic music party that “urltrafog“, “Rafto“, and “Mari Sakurai” who are active in indies electronic music scene of Tokyo, hold an event. IN HA vol.5 that invited “Imaginary Forces” from U.K as a special guest was already held at Saloon in Daikanyama. Many young artists of Tokyo underground music scene also performed at this event. To be honest, I wanted to introduce one of these artists because the artists who played at IN HA is pretty cool. But there were not information about them at all. Their information is at least their twitters. So I thought it was difficult to write an article about them. But I wanted very much to introduced them and that’s why I made this article.
Please check the following music of artists whom I especially recommend.




IN HA bandcamp
Mari Sakurai




今回ご紹介するのはアーティストではないんですが、早耳リスナーの方たちにご紹介せずにはいられない IN HAというイベントです。IN HAは東京のインディーエレクトロミシーンを率いるultrafog,Rafto,Mari Sakuraiを中心とした音楽イベントで、先日、イギリスから来日したImaginary Forcesを迎えてのSaloon@代官山で行われたパーティーは早くも5回目を迎えており、現在の東京アンダーグラウンドシーンを率いる沢山の若手アーティストたちが出演しています。本音を言うと、ここに出演しているアーティストさん達がすごくカッコよくて個別にフォーカスしてブログにご紹介したかったのですが、情報元がアーティストさん本人のTwitterぐらいで、記事にするのは難しいと。ただ彼らを発見した時は、こんな才能溢れるアーティストが眠っている東京恐ろしや〜勿体無いと思いどうにか記事にしてみました笑 こういう情報元の少ないイベントだと、いざ会場に行ってみると私以外の全員知り合いじゃんみたいなのはよくあってアウェー感もあったりするんですが、これは仕方ない。27歳にして音楽友達が欲しいです。が、東京にはまだまだ足を運びたいイベントが沢山ありますね。
音源はIN HAに出演している個人的に好きなアーティストです。是非チェックしてみてください!


Copyright (C) IN HA All Rights Reserved.
Sound’s Copyright (C) IN HAUltrafogRaftoAll Rights Reserved.


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