Vol. 109 Taquwami

The event called “song for a future generation” was held at Liquid room in Ebisu. My purposes of this event were to get a new EP of Jan and Naomi which was released here at Liquid room before the official date on sale and to listen to Taquwami.

Jan and Naomi’s performing plus drummer, Kosei Terunuma. Liquid room have good acoustic sets so their performance was beyond cool. Terunuma’s drum made me moved so much also. I thought their new EP would be sold out soon and I bought it right before their performance. I got it safely haha.

I listened to Taquwami’s gig for the first time. He is from Kanagawa prefecture. Before listening to his performance, I checked his soundcloud and his Twitter. He said something like this on Twitter. “My next performance will be like a journey. I wanted to make music like a whole amount of nostalgia packed together.” So I felt pretty sure that his music was pretty cool and I actually was completely drawn by his beautiful sound.

Nostalgic sound like chillwave, miscellaneous beat and sound of his music that were totally sophisticated and it was perfect sound that were successfully created from him. I could not stop listening to his music during his performance. Suffice it to say that his performance of this time was like psychedelic electronica sound of Hisaishi Joe who is a composer of Ghibli animation. His minimal look of wearing a simple shirts and glasses, I think it was so impressive and it seemed like expressing his sincere attitude for music. He already released “Blurrywonder” from online record label oversea. I went to M83’s Japan tour recently and I really feel an admiration for recent kind of music called bedroom music which was record at someone’s bedroom. If you have not seen or heard him yet, please check him out.






先日、恵比寿リキッドで行われたソング・フォー・ア・ジェネレーション・フューチャーに行ってきました。お目当はJan and naomiの新譜の先行発売と、Taquwami。

Jan and naomiはドラムスに照沼光星さんのバンドセット。リキッドで見るとまた一段と音響もよくてとてもカッコ良かったです。照沼さんのドラムってなんか無性に感動するなぁとか思ったり、すごいマニアックな話になりますが、かのジャズトランペット奏者チェット・ベッカーが生前、ある印として演奏中に顎を触る癖があったんですけど、Janさんの仕草がそっくりなんです。なんか関係あるのかな〜と1人妄想笑。 そして今回は新譜の先行発売ということだったので、なんやかんやCD売り切れちゃうんじゃないかと思って演奏前にブースに行ったので無事ゲットしました。新譜もめちゃくちゃ良かったので是非チェックしてみて下さいね。



Copyright (C) Taquwami  All Rights Reserved.
Sound’s Copyright (C) Taquwami All Rights Reserved.


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