Vol. 116 Individualist “Chptr 6 and Vrs 1”

Another chapter took place. I got to know him “BOOZE DESIGN WORKS” through internet that I happened to purchase an art book from his e-commerce site. I found out that he also owns brick-and-mortar store in Koenji so immediately right after I received an art book that I have been looking for, my lazy ass left my house to go visit his place. it was literally a first time that I met up with him but he and his friend were chilling at his place talking and I was lucky enough to join their conversation because we all had one thing in common. the place where I live, there is one crafter that make military-influenced bags and miscellaneous daily goods and they are friends with him. I happened to have one of his pieces with me at that time so… Coincidence indeed.  Now please proceed to interview haha. 




Kanke 1


Islander’s Orb 以下 IO) あなたは誰ですか?(ご自身の解釈でお答えください!オンとオフのような形があればぜひ!例:皮職人、スポーツマン等)

菅家さん 以下菅家さん) 日本国内に住む日本人.


IO)Who are you? Please tell me about yourself. (Please tell us about how you interpret this question).

Kanke-san) Japanese who lives within a country of Japan.


IO) ブランド、会社、アートワ-ク、自身の行いの概要等。(説明文、コンセプトなど)

菅家さん)  9割のありきたりと、1割の意外性。


IO) Please describe yourself with detail to your occupation, your concept, explanation of yourself regarding to what you do, your entities etc..

Kanke-san) 90% of cliché and 10% of unpredictability


IO) 1割の意外性にご自身の行いが凝縮されているのでしょうか?

菅家さん) 自分の行いの全部に対してですね。あくまで定番の洋服を基に、自分ならではのサイズ感や機能性、パーツの大きさを再構築します。残りの1割に独創性を出す事が理想ですね。なので、パッと見はありきたりな服ですね。


IO) Do you think that your work is consisting of 10% unpredictability?

Kanke-san) I think it applies to almost everything I work for. 90% of my work, I just stick with re-construction of size, functionality and scale of clothing based off of existing products. It will be an ideal to project creativity out of remaining 10% from my work. Therefore, my work could probably just look like another one of clothing at a glance.


IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションを始めたきっかけ。

菅家さん) 十代の頃のものを作りたい衝動から。


IO) Why did you start your own entity? What motivated you?

Kanke-san) An urge to create or craft something when I was teens.


IO) もう少し具体的に教えていただけますか?

菅家さん) 高校生の時にアヴァンギャルド系が流行っており、小物の手作りや洋服をカスタムすることに影響を受けて自分で作り出したのが始まりですね。パンクからの影響もあると思います。




IO) Would you mind going into details?

Kanke-san) Everything started when I was high school student. At that time, there was a buzzing moment  of avant-garde clothing phenomena that includes handmade goods and customizing. That is the beginning for me. I think punk culture also influenced me in a way.


IO) ご自身の姿勢、指針、行動、存在やクリエーションにおいての影響をうけたもの。(インスピレーション等、具体例。)

菅家さん) その時に気になるもの全て。


IO) Who/what inspires you?

Kanke-san) Something that draw my attention at every moment.


IO) ご自身の作った作品や行いに関係して頂いた方へ、どのようになって欲しいか。

菅家さん) 基本的にはその後に望む事は無いですね。売れたからどうでもいいと言うのとは違いますが。


IO) Your wish for those who appreciate your art/creation/product/doing, Followers.

Kanke-san) I do not have anything to wish for in general. Not that I mean I do not care if my product is sold or not to anyone.


IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションのトレンドと傾向。その後の未来像。

菅家さん) 同じ事をずっとやり続けるのは飽きてしまいますので、常に何か探しています。僕の作っている洋服に関して、見た目は同じでも仕様などが進化しています。




IO) What are your thoughts about trends, your entities current situation, and your product? The future?

Kanke-san) I get bored with doing same thing over and over so I try to find something new. My product, the look of it might be just another one of clothing out there but specs definitely evolve every time. Yet, my intention also sticks with continuance of making staple clothing at the same time so that I will value creating something that is considered to be a staple.

I think it is important to try on creating something new in order to create thing that holds a great value when it gets old.

Also, I am fond of something interesting and fun. However, I, as a human being, I prefer not to create something that is uncool. No one will know what will happen to any of us but I would like to continue to create something that satisfies myself at every moment.


IO) 人間としてダサい事はカンケさんにとって、なんでしょうか?また、その時の納得出来るものとはなんですか?

菅家さん) うーん。ダサい事を説明するとなると人の悪口っぽくもなりますし、自分が果たしてダサくないのか?と考えますが、僕個人がダサいと思う事の一つとして、自分の事ばかりで節操が無い事とかですね。まぁ、自分にもそういう部分があるからこそ、そう思うのだと思います。




Kanke 3


IO) What is considered to be an uncool or lame as a human being? What is it that satisfies you at certain moment?

Kanke-san) Hmmm…. I would probably start to talk shit about people when it comes to explain what a lame would be. And I would also doubt myself that I might actually be the one or not. Personally, one of the lame factors that people has would be someone that has no principles such as self-centered person when it comes to create etc. Just because I find myself a little similar to person like that, this is the reason why I came to think of it.

I think I am type of person whose mood swings like a pendulum or I would say I am a blunt person only if I force myself to become one. I am not really a down-to-earth person so assuming I might be just one of those who despise people although we are similar.

What satisfies me would be something that pumped my heart when finished making. This is similar to being hyped up when you are kid and you get what you wanted. Whether  you feel that type of excitement or not. That is something that satisfies me.


IO) あなたにとって日本語と英語とはなんでしょうか?

菅家さん) 日本語は僕の唯一の話せる言語で、英語はかっこよくみえてしまうものです。普通の日本人ですし。


IO) What does Japanese and English mean to you?

Kanke-san) Japanese is the only language that I speak. Therefore, I cannot help but to think English is cool to use. I am just an ordinary Japanese here so.


IO) 日本はどんな場所か。日本人とは誰であり何か(あなたの目線、もしくはブランドとして)

菅家さん) 日本はどんなジャンルへも入り口があって良いなと思います。


IO) What does Japan/being Japanese mean to you? How do you think it has impacted your life and your success?

Kanke-san) Japan has a threshold to any type of genre in general. Japan has any ways of access to any sort of things I think.


IO) あらゆるもの、ジャンルに対しての入り口があるとお考えですが、ものづくりに対しての入り口はどうお考えですか?

菅家さん) 洋服に関しては生地や付属品など個人でも手に入れる事が出来ますし、工場に出す事が出来なくても自分でミシンを買い、型紙も独学で出来ます。さらにはネットショップも簡単に作成可能なので入り口は広いと思います。何より、学歴が必要無いですし。




Kanke 4


IO) How do you think of crafting world as a threshold?

Kanke-san) These days, fabric and accessory of clothing are becoming more accessible for us. Buying your own sewing machine and creating with your own custom-made pattern paper is a no-brainer. You can easily create e-commerce website as well in recent days. With these being said, it would be pretty easy as to start making clothing and sell, isn’t it? Most of all, no academic hierarchy and diplomaism are needed.

However, when it comes to selling, big name of retailers are selling clothing much cheaper than original amount of cost and time that you spent with materials and work. It is bone-crushing plus clothing gets oversaturated as it is nowadays.

I think if you reside in Japan and think that you are Japanese then you are one of them in the days ahead.


IO) 最近、外国の方も非常に多いですが、彼らにも同じ考えが当てはまるとお考えですか?

菅家さん) そうですね。肌の色、民族は関係無いと思います。本人が日本人と言えば日本人だと思います。



IO) Recently, there are many foreigners moving into Japan. Do you think this definition of being Japanese applies to them as well?

Kanke-san) Yes, it does. It does not really matter for them or anyone to talk about their color and ethnicity anymore if residing in Japan. I guess it would be up to each individual whether you call yourself Japanese or not.

However, each every ethnic people has their own pride in them so that some of them might not consider themselves as Japanese, rather call themselves some ethnic grouping terms. In more details, the term used to describe Japanese would be Japanese-something such as Japanese-Okinawan I guess.


To be continued on next Verse of Individualist…




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