Vol. 120 Individualist “Chptr 7 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with “Ko’da style” on Vol. 119 Individualist “Chptr 7 and Vrs 1”.

As I proceeded some interviews, well actually I have been thinking about it for a while now. what do you think of Japanese as a nation? I think that a lot of people including me get caught up with what we do so we do not really have much time to think about it for sure. I would also think that this is something that we  do not stand a chance to think about it as well because we do not have an opportunity to actually come across with our mind. However, this guy had reminded me that, though it might be a bit too overreacting to say, Japanese should be more concern about who we are as a nation. Have you folks ever thought of it?





“A Frog In A Well Knows Nothing Of The Ocean”. Being within a country of an island, sometimes Japanese tends to be overly fond of foreign cultures.”



IO) 日本はどんな場所か。日本人とは誰ですか?(あなたの目線、もしくはブランドとして)

行田さん) まだまだ知らない素晴らしい事がたくさんある場所。文化、人、ものですね。もっとたくさん勉強したい。素晴らしいものがなくならないうちに。


IO) What is Japan/Japanese for you? (Your own perspective or as an entity)

Koda-san) Place where I still don’t know much about, with many fascinating things, culture and people wise.I want to study about them more before they are going to disappear.


IO) 日本、日本人の良いところ、悪いところ。



IO) Positive and negative side of Japan, being Japanese?

Pros: An island country
Cons: An island country


DSC_0048 のコピー


IO) 両方にて同じ答えですが、違いを具体的にお話しして頂けますか?

行田さん) 島国の良いところと言うのは、変に影響を受けずに純粋にその完成度を高めて行けるところ。過去の例を見ると分かりやすいですが、浮世絵はその良い例だと思います。また、現代にもその精神は職人の世界や技術、アートの分野でも生きていると思います。



IO) Your answers for pros and cons were the same. Could you tell us more about differences between these two answers?

Koda-san) As being as island, positive side of it is that it does not get influenced by many things and could keep up with its pace toward perfection. When you look at the past, “Ukiyoe” could be a good example. However, even at this modern age, this principle is remained within the world of Japanese craftsmen, technologies and art as well. Negative side of it would be “A Frog In A Well Knows Nothing Of The Ocean”. Being within a country of an island, sometimes Japanese tends to be overly fond of foreign cultures.


IO) 西洋や日本の文化に対する憧れは感じているか?

行田さん) 江戸時代の文化が凄いと思う。


IO) Any ambition, envy against western or Japanese cultures?

Koda-san) I think the culture of Edo period is remarkable.


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IO) 具体例をお願いします!


行田さん) 浮世絵、落語、歌舞伎など、日本の風土に合った江戸時代に生まれ、育てられた文化はいつ見ても美しいと思います。また、普通の生活にしても、低成長ゆえの助け合いやものを大切にする文化は美しく、憧れます。


IO) Any examples?

Koda-san) Even “Ukiyoe”, “Rakugo”, and “Kabuki”, each of these cultures which were born and developed in Edo period have been always beautiful upon the cultural climate of Japan. Back then in Edo period, a culture of mutual assistance and sense of regret concerning waste are beautiful and something that I admire because of the era of slow growth.


IO) 人生とは一言で何か?

行田さん) 楽しい事。


IO) The definition of life in one word.

Koda-san) Something fun


DSC_0054 のコピー


IO) 同業者と差別化を図る方法、秘策。

行田さん) モノを作るにあたってコピーをしない。自分自身で作る。


IO) Any tips or secrets of differentiate with any other competitor?

Koda-san) I do not ever make “knockoffs”. I create everything on my own.


IO) 注目している人、ものは?

行田さん) 若い人たち。


IO) Something that you are currently into?

Koda-san) Younger generations


IO) 若い人たちのどういったところに注目しているのでしょうか?

行田さん) 柔軟さと新しいことにチャレンジしていく勇気。おじさんも負けては入られませんが。少しでも心のスポンジを柔らかくしていきたいですね。


IO) Why are you interested in younger generations? Anything particular?

Koda-san) A courage or gut to be flexible and to try on new things.
Old guy like me must not forget this attitude and I also would like to have a room to be flexible in my heart.






I personally think that “A Frog In A Well Knows Nothing Of The Ocean” applies for me a lot and blindly think that cultures from outside of Japan would be the best. I knew what it is to be asked from someone about Japan and I knew almost nothing about it but I hate history lol. give it a go i guess from now haha.


Kazuhiro Koda “Ko’da Style”


Copyright of Pictures (C) Ko’da Style All Rights Reserved.

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