Vol. 123 Individualist “Chptr 9 and Vrs 1”

Another great individualist.  Remember what has happened in northern part of Japan in 2011? Sendai, where devastating tsunami had impacted this city so bad that still I believe there are great numbers of people who suffer from it. I have been following this dude from there “EACHTIME.” I did not get to talk about this because I thought that I was not even allowed to talk about this. My half-hearted condolence would not do much for them and him as well.

At the time when this incident had happened, I was not even in Japan. that being said, I thought that I would not be able to give my thought and prayer fully toward those who had an impact to their life from it.

Still, I would like to get in touch with him to get to know what he has been doing as well as someday I would love to hear his own story about this incident. Maybe this might be a bad idea but let us just move on this interview with him.







Islander’s Orb 以下 IO) あなたは誰ですか?(ご自身の解釈でお答えください!オンとオフのような形があればぜひ!例:革職人、スポーツマン等)

伊丹雄介さん 以下伊丹さん) 伊丹雄介。EACHTIME.というアパレルブランドを手がけています。


IO) Who are you? (Please tell us about how you interpret this question)

Itami-san) I’m Yusuke Itami. I have a clothing line called EACTIME.


IO) ブランド、会社、アートワーク、自身の行いの概要等。(説明文、コンセプトなど)

伊丹さん) コンセンプトになるのか何ともですが、様々な日常にいい風が吹くお手伝いになる様な洋服は目指しています。奥行きある洋服ですかね。


IO) Your concept, explanation of yourself regarding to your entities.

Itami-san) It might not really a concept I assume but the concept for my clothes is to make people feel comfortable with their ordinary life. It would be as if to help their various moment of life with soothing air. And the sense of depth to my line would be a concept as well



IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションを始めた具体例やきっかけ。

伊丹さん) 仙台のUNKNOWNという洋服屋さんのスタッフに「作ってウチで置こうよ」というタイミングでやれる環境も整っていたので。それで、だったと思います。すみません。具体的なきっかけとかはないです。


IO) Why did you start your own entity? Any inspiration, source, motives?

Itami-san) When I was asked by staff at the clothing store called UNKNOWN in Sendai, they gave me an opportunity to have me display my clothes at their store. Everything was all set at that time for me to start my clothing line. I did not really have that ‘it’ moment though.


IO) ローカルに根差した姿勢ですね。「やれる環境が整っていた」とはどういう意味でしょうか?

伊丹さん) あ、やれる環境というとあれですが、パタンナーだったり工場だったりの生産背景が整っていた、という感じですね。


IO) Your attitude is to have roots in local. What do you mean by everything was all set at that time for you to start your clothing line?

Itami-san) Ah-it was not what I really meant to say, like pattern maker and factory was already arranged for me to start my own production.




IO) ご自身の姿勢、指針、行動、存在やクリエーションにおいての影響をうけたもの。(インスピレーション等、具体例。)

伊丹さん) 全体的に影響を受けたりなのは仙台リヴォルーションの安藤大さんです。どうやってもかっこよく持って行くストイックさには刺激をうけちゃいます。それと最近はKONCOSの古川太一君ですね。


IO) Who/What inspires you?

Itami-san) I was inspired by Ando-san at Sendai Revolution a lot. His stoic attitude makes everything so cool. Lately, I also like Taichi Furukawa-kun from KONCOS.


IO) 仙台リヴォルーションの安藤大さん 古川太一さんを知った簡単な経緯、またかっこよさ、ストイックさについて教えて下さい!

伊丹さん) 大さんは17、8年前に知り合ってから好きなもの、それらの取り入れ方が全く変わらずブレずでずっとかっこいいのです。太一君はDJ等で知りあって、グッズも作ったりして。EACHTIME.を色んな場所に連れて行ってくれました。東京、地方関係なく物事を見てくれる方なのでそれってすごいなぁと。


IO) Can you tell us briefly about how did you get to know Ando-san and Taichi Furukawa-kun?

Itami-san) I got to know Ando-san about 17 to 18 years ago. He has been cool all the way to show his love toward his preference, how he has been getting a lot of inspiration from it and consistent in how he embrace it.

I got to know Taichi Furukawa-kun through DJ event, he took me as “EACHTIME.” to everywhere he goes. We also made some merchandises together as well. I admire his way of seeing things fairly whether it is located in Tokyo or other cities.




IO) ご自身の作った作品や行いに関係して頂いた方へ、どのようになって欲しいか。

伊丹さん) この先も変わらず面白い物を一緒に作り続けていけたらいいな、と思います。


IO) Your wish for those who appreciate your art/creation/product/doing, Followers.

Itami-san) I want to keep making interesting things with people around me for the future.


IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションのトレンドと傾向。その後の未来像。

伊丹さん) 自分は今DJもさせて頂いたりなので洋服と音楽と。いいバランスで提案し続けたいです。


IO) What are your thoughts about trends, your entities current situation, and your product? The future?

Itami-san) I am also doing DJ now. What I want to propose is that I want to keep a good balance between clothes and music.




IO) 洋服と音楽は切っても切れない関係であると思いますが、どうお考えですか?またこれらのバランスとはなんでしょうか?

伊丹さん) 切りようがないと思います。ごはんとおかず。じゃないですけどどっちもお互いを引き立てる、なくてはならない存在かなぁと。全く必要ないって方々もいるかとは思いますが。


IO) What do you think of a relationship between clothing and music that considered to have an unbreakable bond?

Itami-san) These cannot be separated. There is no way that you cannot separate clothes and music. It is like rice and meal for Japanese people. They can be spices that interchangeably enable to add up each other. Some people say that they do not need any of them though. I believe that these are coherent and essential factors each other.


IO) あなたにとって日本語と英語とはなんでしょうか?例を挙げて説明してください。

伊丹さん) 英語は話せると便利。日本語は生まれた時からそばにありました。すみません。笑


IO) What does Japanese and English mean to you?

Itami-san) It is convenient if you could speak English. When I was born, Japanese was already there by my side.




IO) 言葉、言語としてのエピソードなどあればお願いします。中学校の頃から嫌いだったり等。

伊丹さん) 特に無いですね。


IO) Any episode regarding to these languages? say you hated learning english etc..

Itami-san) Not much really about that.


To be continued on next Verse of Individualist…


Yusuke Itami “EACHTIME.” 


Copyright of Pictures (C) EACHTIME. All Rights Reserved.


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