Vol. 124 Individualist “Chptr 9 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with “EACHTIME.” on Vol. 123 Individualist “Chptr 9 and Vrs 1” 

As I am blessed to have this interview with him, I cannot even count how many times I have realized that I have such a westernized way of thinking things. I believe that, in a good way, he is one of the great example of how we, as a Japanese, think and react when questions like these being asked. I have no intention of giving him a hard time though I feel he might have had it for sure. My apologies for him though I am really honored to get to know how he thinks from my questions. Regardless of what is right or wrong, His thoughts illustrate who we are as Japanese and hope you will get something about our interview to understand who we are. 








“I think that reaching for each other’s hand would be important. Being a lone wolf is impossible to accomplish something.”



IO) 日本はどんな場所か。日本人とは誰であり何か(あなたの目線、もしくはブランドとして具体的に

伊丹さん) 僕、海外に行った事がないので。。笑 日本も日本人も今は全てです。


IO) What does Japan, being Japanese mean to you? How do you think it has impacted your life and your success?

Itami-san) I never have been abroad before. Japan and Japanese people are everything to me for now.


IO) 仙台にゆかりがあるように感じますが、仙台はどんな場所ですか?また、仙台の人は伊丹さんにとっては誰であり、なんでしょうか?

伊丹さん) 仙台出身です。仙台どうなんでしょう。他があまりわからないですが、待ちの大きさもあるかもですが、色んなジャンルの人たちが割りかしすぐなかよくなれる街かとは思います。


IO) I have not asked where you are from but seems like you have a bond with Sendai. What is Sendai for you and who do you think people from Sendai are?

Itami-san) I am from Sendai. Well, Sendai for me is kind of hard to explain. I do not really know about other places, it may depend on how big the city would be but Sendai is the place where you can get to know different kinds of people easily.




IO) 日本や日本人の良いところと悪いところはありますか。例を挙げて下さい。

伊丹さん) これも比べようがありません。。。


IO) What do you think are the positive and negative points about being Japanese, and Japanese culture?

Itami-san) It is hard for me to explain. No comparison whatsoever.


IO) 海外と比べる必要はないです!ご自身の生活にて「これおかしいなぁ」と思うことで結構です。

伊丹さん) その辺はやっぱり日々の生活で特に何か感じたりした事はありません。終電の時間がもう少し遅くまであればなぁとは思いますね。


IO) No need to compare with foreign countries. Is there something that you find it strange about in your daily life?

Itami-san) I still do not particularly come to think of it though. Even in my daily life as well. However, I hate to manage to catch the last train in Japan so that I wish that a train schedule would change especially for the last train, a bit later than now.




IO) 日本人として西洋の文化(アメリカ、フランス、イタリア等)への憧れや尊敬、または日本の文化に対する憧れや尊敬は感じていますか?

伊丹さん) 特にないですね。日本は四季を大切にしている国と聞いた事があります。そうだとしたら、それはとても素晴らしいなぁと思います。


IO) As a Japanese, do you have any ambition, envy, aspirations against western (U.S. for example) or Japanese cultures? How do you feel about Western/Japanese culture, do you think it has had an impact on your work?

Itami-san) Not in particular. It is said that Japan think itself a great deal of four seasons. If so then that is something incredible and I did not think about that.


IO) 海外進出はお考えですか?

伊丹さん) 今の所は、特に考えてはいません。


IO) Have you ever thought of going abroad to show your work?

Itami-san) I do not think about that for now.




IO) 日本のおかしなところ。具体例。

伊丹さん) んー。おかしな所。そんなに気にしない方ですね。


IO) Is there anything you find strange about Japan as a Japanese?

Hmmm. Something strange about Japan. I do not really care about that.


IO) クリエイティブの定義。

伊丹さん) シンプルさの中に潜む派手さだったり、ものにどれだけ奥行きを出せるかだと思います。


IO) What is your definition of creativity? How would you define creativity?

Itami-san) Fanciness behind simplicity and how much you can create a sense of depth with something would be the definition of creativity.




IO) 奥行きとおっしゃいましたが奥行きとはなんでしょうか?

伊丹さん) なんだろう。例えばですが、ビックリマンシールじゃないですけど普通のシールのキャラクターでしょうか。キャラクターそれぞれに結構なストーリーがあり、漫画や本、テレビなどで世界感がブワッと広がる事ですかね。たかがシールなのですが。一人じゃ無理ですけど、“手を取り合う”というのが重要だとは思いますね。


IO) You mentioned a sense of depth. What is it for you?

Itami-san) Let me see.. it would be, for example, character stickers from Bikkuri man Chocolate (trading card/stickers series that came with sweets produced by Lotte in 1977) , Each character from its stickers has so many story behind each one of them. Then, along with a production of manga, book and TV program that is featured and distributed by, its view of the world would expand much more though these are just characters from stickers. 

It might not have anything to do with stickers but I think reaching for each other’s hand would be important. Being a lone wolf is impossible to accomplish something.


IO) 人生とは一言/ 一文で何ですか?

伊丹さん) 大変。


IO) How would you define life in one sentence?

Itami-san) No easy matter.




IO) 同業者と差別化を図る方法、秘策。

伊丹さん) 全力で模索中です。教えて下さい笑。


IO) Do you have any tips for differentiating yourself from competitors?

Itami-san) I work so hard on this. Please teach me how to do it haha.


IO) 注目している人、ものは?

伊丹さん) KONCOS。特に古川太一君の動きです。


IO) Something that you are currently into?What is a current hobby or interest of yours?

KONCOS. Especially Taichi Furukawa-kun.





It might be so cocky to tell you folks that I like the sound of “Lone Wolf” haha. With that being said, I would like to do something all by my own or I would prefer doing it by myself. However, there is always something that will not let me do all by myself. Plus I am not really good at asking someone for help lol.

This interview gets me to think that reaching each other’s hand might be a thing to have in my mind more than I should. 



Yusuke Itami “EACHTIME.” 


Copyright of Pictures (C) EACHTIME. All Rights Reserved.


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