Vol. 125 Teen Runnings

It has been almost a month since I posted my last article. There were few things that I had been doing for a while but I was not so busy. I did not write articles simply from lazy as habit of mine. I personally think that it is a characteristic of women to have an interest in many things or to be fickle-minded. But it is just an excuse for me and it is also too late as to regret. I am going to change my attitude from today and devote myself to writing articles.

Recently, I noticed couple chirping of cicadas outside and then, I felt a bit dismal because I know it is going to be much hotter soon. I had liked summer better till last year but I am already looking forward to winter to come now. I can not stand the heat any more.

Today’s artist is “Teen Runnings” who is perfect band for the summer. As I listen to their music, I feel that I will easily survive hot summer this year. One time, I checked information of overseas music festivals on the internet and through a certain website which I checked, I found them. They performed at SXSW 2013 which is one of the biggest music festival in America. Music media of overseas take up their sound that was posted on Soundcloud or BANDCAMP as one of cool Japanese musicians.
They are going to base their activity mainly overseas from here on. The open-minded sounds that are inspired by Beach Boys are pretty comfortable and these have elements as rock and roll. Please check them out.












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