I went to TSUTAYA in Daikanyama to make and think about my trip schedule with my friend last Sunday. So many people were there because it was a holiday. So we couldn’t find any books for our trip in the crowd of people at the travel section and we were absorbed in talking about topics unrelated to our trip. After a while, we moved to design section. My friend looked for books or magazines specific to design for her job there. I followed her and I stood reading around the design books section.


I picked up some books out of my curiosity, those books specifically focus to design of logo was especially interesting for me. There were countless of books specific to logo design of the world there and I thought that logo design was very profound. For example, a certain logo which I can’t understand the meaning at the first sight gave me totally different perspective by knowing process of completing it or messages which the logo’s creator put into the design. Then, I felt like I ventured into the unknown world and I got engrossed in some these type of  books. I thought books of typography was so interesting as well.


Today’s artist is a sound artist, Yuki Matsumura who is from Kochi prefecture. He makes unprecedented auditory works which beyond the concept of music by interpreting music as materials. A designed distortion of the sound in the minimum way is pretty cool. He performed in Ehime prefecture where is my hometown and Kochi prefecture several times. So I personally think his activities makes indies local music scenes that have time lag from Tokyo so energetic. Please check him out!!








本日ご紹介するのは高知県出身のサウンドアーティストYuki Matsumuraさん。音を素材として捉えることにより、音楽という概念を超えた他類のない聴覚作品を制作されています。ミニマルな音の中に含むデザインされた音の歪みがとてもかっこ良い。筆者の地元、愛媛県やアーティストの方の地元である高知県でも数回ライブされていたり、東京のタイムリーなインディーシーンとはどうしてもタイムラグが出来てしまう地方の音楽シーンにおいてとても嬉しい事だと思っています。




Copyright (C)  YUKI MATSUMURA All Rights Reserved.
Movie’s Copyright (C) moph records All Rights Reserved.


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