Vol. 127 DRY

I had a my birthday last week. I have not checked any social media for a while but I found some birthday messages and wishes from my friends who has been out of touch for a long time on Facebook when I checked my pages on the other day. Especially, a message from one of my best friend that I was really close to in my school days made me so happy and I remembered those days because I sometimes had missed them cheering their success in my heart. I got older and I am quite different from a person as my ideal adult. So I am disappointed that I have not been more mature than I imagined but I accept myself as I am now as well. My ages is old enough to be stared at with hard eyes by public but my goal for this year is to try hard at my own pace without suppressing my behavior and embrace a fulfilling year.


Today’s artist is a Japanese Hiphop unit, “DRY“. In the first place, Hiphop is a music for street gangs to exchanges each information of their territories or end their conflict without any blood shed by performing rapping . But as for music, I personally think that a monotonous sound of Japanese and a uplifting sound of Hiphop are not compatible and I feel odd about them. So I always prefer to listen to western Hiphop music. However, DRY harmonize sound of Japanese with its music esthetic very well. Their Hiphop style that is incorporated with JAZZ is really cool. Please check them out!












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