Vol. 129 Broken Little Sister Interview Part.1

This weekend, “SUMMER SONIC” which is one of the most famous music festival in Japan is going to be held in Tokyo. A lot of music lovers must go there and enjoy this festival. However, I really messed up to become one of them. I missed buying a ticket for this festival….Even though the headliner of this festival is Radiohead, I could not expect that tickets were sold out so early. I am really feeling regrets now as I write this article… Anyway, you guys who will go to SUMMER SONIC 2016, Have fun!

By the way, some the greatest Shoe-gaze bands got back together back in last year. “RIDE” who is the icon of the 90’s Shoe-gaze band was also one of them.

When I watched the clip of “asQme” which RIDE was sort of introducing this Japanese band, I had an interest about this band. I was writing about them before “here“. This time, I am honored that I could conduct an interview with Mr. Horiuchi, a guitarist of Broken Little Sister.

You know, I felt that words which came from actual experience had reality and hit me in the head really hard. I tend to hesitate to make something into action because of over-thinking but I thought I had to change my attitude through this interview.


世の中はサマソニで賑わってる様子の今週末。筆者はなんとチケットを買い逃し、今年のサマソニは断念せざる終えないことになりました。”Radiohead” がヘッドライナーといえども、まさかチケット完売するとは。無念。参加される方は是非とも楽しんで来て下さいね!





bls 7


IO) あなたは誰ですか?(ご自身の解釈でお答えください!オンとオフのような形があればぜひ!例:ミュージシャン、スポーツマン等)

堀内さん) 音楽好きのミュージシャン。


IO) Who are you? Please tell us about yourself. (Please tell us about how you interpret this question)

Horiuchi-san) A Music-loving musician



堀内さん) 高校時代に同じ部活だったメンバーでコピーバンドを組む事になり、空いていたベースのポジションに誘われてですね。自作曲を作り始めるきっかけは専門学校の隣の席だった山田君と意気統合してですね。


IO) How did you start music? What motivated you?

Horiuchi-san) My friends who joined the same school club with me when we were high school students formed a copy band and I was invited as a bassist which was vacancy position of their band.

The reason I started making original songs was because I hit it off with Mr.Yamada who sat next to me when we were students in same class.


bls 4


IO) Broken Little Sisterはどのような経緯で結成されたのでしょうか?

堀内さん) 私(堀内)が以前に組んでいたバンドのメンバー募集に櫻田が応募してきた事で彼女が加入し、そのバンドが解散した後にも音楽活動を続けたいと思い、音楽性やイメージを共有出来た櫻田と二人で活動を開始しました。その後に、以前に同じCDショップで働いていた嘉藤が加入し、現在のラインナップになりました。


IO) How did you form Broken Little Sister?

Horiuchi-san) Sakurada applied for a member of my band that I had formed with other people before and after this band broke up, I still wanted to continue my music activities. So I formed a new band with Sakurada who could share her sense and image of music with me and we wanted to make it happen. After that, Kato who worked at the same CD shop with me joined our band.


IO) ご自身の姿勢、指針、行動、存在やクリエーションにおいての影響を受けたものは?(インスピレーション等、具体例。)


堀内さん) ブリットポップ、マッドチェスター、モッズカルチャー、BEAT UKなど。またそれに付随する諸々がベースにあると思いますね。


IO) Who/What inspires you?

Horiuchi-san) Brit-pop, Madchester, Mods, BEAT UK (Japanese music TV program) etc. I also think that things that have to do with these cultures and genre of music gave me fundamental ideas of my creation.


bls 2


IO) ご自身の作った作品や行いに関係して頂いた方へ、どのようになって欲しいか。

堀内さん) 自分達が何も成し得ていないと感じるので回答が困難ですね。


IO) Your wish for those who appreciate your art/creation/product/doing, Followers.

Horiuchi-san) It is difficult for me to answer this question because I feel that we have not accomplished anything yet.


IO) ご自身の行い、存在やクリエーションのその後の未来像。

堀内さん) 視野や感覚を拡張するような存在でありたいと思っています。


IO) What are your thoughts about trends, your entities current situation, and your product? The future?

Horiuchi-san) We would like to be the ones who could give people new perspective and expand their sense of it.


bls 13



堀内さん) 例えば、音楽だと「このジャンルのリズムをこういう風に組みあわせるのか。」や、お笑いだと、コントのキャラクターや大喜利の答えなどで、「この視点は気付かなかった。」とか、「言い回しが面白い。」など。服装だったら「このバランスは思いつかなかった。」などなどですね。



IO) What exactly the new perspectives and senses that you would like to give to your listeners?

Horiuchi-san) For example, perspectives such as “the innovative way of how rhythm or beat of certain genre of music are mixed with one another”. “the moment of awakening” and “the fun of finding new way of wording” when it comes to do a comedy skit in terms of character and Oogiri (a simple style of comedic game that you provide best funny answer to the theme).” the new idea of balancing a proportion of style” when it comes to fashion etc… Things like those above.

It does not really matter what the contents would be but at least I want to propose new perspectives that can wake them up to new ideas or fresh taste.


IO) あなたにとって日本語と英語とはなんでしょうか?

堀内さん) コミュニケーションの面において、日本語は足枷のように感じます。(日本語にしかない表現を語れる程、他言語を知らないというのもありますが。)



IO) What does Japanese and English mean to you?

Horiuchi-san) I feel that the language of Japanese would be a shackle as to communicate for me. (I also feel that I do not know much about other language as to explain and compare about expressions that only Japanese have though). As for the music, I have been fond of listening to western music so that I think English lyrics are just one of natural outcome from it.


bls 10


IO) 日本語のどんなところが足枷となっていると感じますか?

堀内さん) 日本語に限った事ではありませんが、全ての国や人種の言語が同じだったら良いのにと思う事があります。世界語に最も近いのは英語だと思いますが、英語が得意では無い為に、日本語以外の他言語でのコミュニケーションに不自由を感じる、という意味です。



IO) How exactly the language of Japanese becomes a shackle for yourself?

Horiuchi-san) It is not peculiar to Japanese. I wish that it would be much better for all of us to use same language regardless of race or a country. I am pretty sure that the most familiar language is English as the universal language and I meant that as communication-wise, different language other than Japanese would be such an inconvenient tool just because basically I am not really good at any of them.

Also music industry’s point of view, even if there would be a trend that is booming worldwide, it hardly reaches out to Japan nor breaks through Japanese market. Japan has its own development in music scene nevertheless.

Let’s say that a trend blended in Japan. Just because of the language barrier, it would be just chunks of music for domestic listeners in Japan that considered to be an influx from outside of the world. Why in the opposite manner does not exist? I feel that we are left alone and isolated because of that. I don’t think it is a good idea for Japanese music industry.


IO) 英語で作詞をされる際に苦労されている事はありますか?

堀内さん) 私は英語が得意では無いので、そもそも英語詞を作る事が難しいです。また、細かなニュアンスを表現出来ていないように感じますね。


IO) Have you ever had any difficulty with writing lyrics in English?

Horiuchi-san) I am not good at English basically. So making lyrics in English is difficult for me for the first place. And I feel that I do not express the detailed nuance of Japanese in English very well.


bls 9


To be continued on next episode…


Broken Little Sister



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